Honeymoon In Moonlight

Spend Your Honeymoon In Moonlight

Honeymoon In MoonlightYour honeymoon is something you and your new life partner are going to want to remember for the rest of your lives together. While your days will no doubt be packed with sightseeing, beaching, or outdoor sports, you are going to want to make the nights just as memorable. Whether you have decided to stay near your flat and visit a different part of the United Kingdom or have plans to travel abroad, your nightlife options are endless. Here are a couple of ideas for those who have not made up their minds on night-time activities, along with some evening safety tips for making sure you both get back to tell your friends all about it.

UK Night Life

Trying to save money by staying home for your honeymoon? Interested in seeing parts of the motherland you have never seen before? Just because you know what you do on a normal Saturday night in the UK doesn’t mean you have to do the same things on your honeymoon. Here are a couple of ideas of how to make the most out of familiar territory:

  • Catch a play at the world famous Shakespeare’s Globe theater in London.
  • Check out one of the biggest pubs the United Kingdom can offer at The World’s End in Camden.
  • Laugh together at one of Jongleurs Comedy Clubs located all around the United Kingdom including locations in: Glasgow, Bristol, Birmingham, and more.
  • Not tired from sight-seeing all day? Keep the adventures going with a London by Night Sightseeing tour
  • Ready to move from a solo move maker to a dynamic dancing duo? Show off your dance moves to your new partner at any of London’s unique clubs.

Night Life Abroad

If you have decided to leave your normal stomping grounds and adventure to another country to celebrate your wedding, chances are you will be going to be in unfamiliar territory. This is no reason to stay cooped up in your hotel room all night. Since we can’t predict exactly where your dream destination is, allow us to provide some night time suggestions for popular honeymoon locations around the world:

  • If you decided to visit Mickey Mouse at his Florida home in the states, Orlando’s Magic Kingdom offers a brilliant fireworks show that will no doubt remind you of the sparks flying between your partner and you on this romantic occasion.
  • If you have set sail on a cruise to far off lands, don’t feel obligated to stay in your cabin just because you are on the high seas with nowhere to go. Most cruise lines offer night-time activities onboard including dancing, night swims, casinos, or outdoor seating to enjoy a romantic full moon at sea.
  • If you have decided to celebrate your love in The City of Love and Lights, it might be illuminating to check out a night tour of Paris. Such tours show the Eiffel Tower and all of Paris lit up like the smiles on your newlywed faces.

Honeymoon Safety Tips

Regardless of whether you are celebrating at home or abroad, don’t forget that not everyone has something to celebrate about and may want to take advantage of you. Here are a few safety tips no matter where you are to make sure your honeymoon is not only an enjoyable one, but also a safe one:

  • Even though you may be tourists, try not to appear like obvious tourists. Keep your passport and funds well hidden, but on you at all times in the event of an emergency.
  • Never travel alone in unfamiliar territory. Those who appear lost can become easy targets for crooks looking to prey on unsuspecting tourists.
  • If you are traveling within the United Kingdom, keep the ukba phone number handy so that you can let them know if you are in need of assistance.

No matter how you decide to spend your honeymoon, remember to keep both the happiness and safety of each other in mind.


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