Classic Oval Signet Ring

Signet Rings as a Gift For Men on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is one of the most popular celebrations, and is designed especially for thanking fathers for their love and good advice. Choosing the perfect gift for your father may not be very easy, even though you are aware of his hobbies and favorite leisure activities. Besides, this celebration takes place every year, so keeping your originality may be a real challenge.

Believe it or not, signet rings can turn into amazing gifts for men who were naturally gifted with good taste. Despite the belief according to which men who wear rings are hilarious, signet rings are a symbol of elegance and high standards, and they were very appreciated in the past, when highly educated and reach men saw them as symbols of power.

1. Victorian Rectangular Signet Ring

Victorian Rectangular SignetThis type of ring is designed especially for men with exquisite taste, and usually it features a scroll engraving that frames a center beveld edge with rectangular shape, which can be engraved according to your preferences. This ring is very comfortable and will fit your father’s finger perfectly.

Whenever you buy a signet ring for men, you should make sure that its size is exactly the needed one. In case you aren’t sure about what size you father wears you are advised to speak with the salesperson and make sure that the ring can be exchanged for other of a different size.

2. Classic Oval Signet Ring

Classic Oval Signet RingOval signet rings are the type of rings that suit every man, regardless of his preferences. Besides, they are elegant and subtle, and they attract attention in a very pleasant manner. If your father doesn’t enjoy turning heads, this ring will suit them perfectly. The best part about these rings is that they can be engraved in a Victorian style with your father’s initial, or even with yours. What most people appreciate about these rings is that they are unperishable; they can be gifted from generation to generation, and their value increases continually.

3. Yellow or White Gold Square Plain Signet Ring

Yellow or White Gold Square Plain Signet RingSignet rings may no longer be worn as a symbol of a person’s rank in society, but they are still seen as a symbol of elegance. These fashionable jewelry items are the perfect gifts for dads and grandparents, as they can be engraved with various letters or initials to remind the wearer about one of his personal achievements. Plain rings are more masculine than the oval ones and can be engraved with up to three initials.

White gold signet rings are the perfect choice for men who don’t enjoy wearing yellow gold or for those who usually prefer being unnoticed. White gold is more subtle and according to some specialists, more elegant. What is more, these rings don’t need to be worn on a certain finger because they are very subtle.

4. Antique Signet Rings- French Art Nouveau

Antique Signet Rings- French Art NouveauAntique rings are outstanding and mesmerize you from the first sight. Most of the French Art Nouveau rings feature floral and Greek key motifs, which create an amazing appearance when used in this combination. Thanks to the amazing bloomed matte finishes, these rings are the ultimate symbol of masculine elegance.

If you look carefully, you will find plenty of antiques signet rings that are in a wonderful shape, and their quality exceeds the one of the currently produced signet rings. Regardless of what people say, new is not always better than old. In the case of signet rings designed especially for men, this rule seems to apply. Just imagine how happy will your father be once you give him your gift. Nothing compares to seeing your child on Father’s Day, so your dad is probably not expecting any presents.


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