Leather Jacket Trends 2021

7 Leather Jacket Trends for 2021

Leather is the finest material in our opinion. It is probably the only one that has stood the test of time with elegance. A leather jacket is a wardrobe essential for almost every fashionista. Be it for styling your look or the biker look, the classic leather, leather jacket adds layers to your look.

No matter what style trends, a leather jacket is always timeless. No matter what your style is or the occasion, there is always a leather jacket for you.

Styling a leather jacket has evolved with time and new trends pop up every year. We present you with a fail-proof list of trends that you can take with you to 2021.

1. Black Leather Jacket

Black Leather JacketA black leather jacket is one of the must-haves in any wardrobe. It adds style to any outfit of any season. You can opt-in for a black jacket over a tee shirt of your choice or even over a floral dress. The ways you can style a black leather jacket is countless. The versatility of a black jacket is what makes it a timeless classic.

2. Custom Leather Jacket

Custom Leather Jacket womenAdd personality to your style with custom leather jackets. There are a lot of custom made jacket designers who create personalised jackets based on your style and embellishment preferences. A customized jacket is your canvas where you can create a style statement of your own.

Bring out your unique mood by designing your custom leather jackets based on your color preferences, passion, cut, or just the way it looks.

3. Brown Leather Jacket

Brown Leather Jacket womenA traditional brown leather jacket can never go wrong any season. Brown leather is a staple for any wardrobe and any style. It is found in various shapes and cuts and can be styled however you like.

Make your look stand out by pairing a brown leather jacket with contrasting hues like red or blue or pair it with neutral tones to create a monochromatic outfit. A brown leather jacket with camel tones makes your outfit look streamlined making it perfect for stylish office wear.

4. Fur Collar

Fur Collar Leather Jacket women 1Leather Jackets with fur collars are a stylish way to be functional. For the days of extreme winter choose from the variety of fur jackets available in the market. YOu can choose from small collar to large collar and from a variety of colors.

These jackets are the best way to combine style warmth and chic into your outfit. You can even coordinate the color of the fur with the rest of your outfit based on how you want to present yourself.

5. Cropped Leather Jacket

Cropped Leather Jacket womenThe crop top trend took the world by a swirl by bringing back a classic 90s look back to the millennials.

A cropped leather jacket is a go-to styling choice for your high waisted jeans and boots.

You can choose from a subtle cut that is cropped to your waist or make a statement with ultra crop leather jackets. This short style statement will make your look stand out and flatter your curves if you wear them right.

6. Bright Leather Jacket

Bright Leather Jacket womenApart from the classic black and brown, there are plenty of colors you can choose from right now. Leather jackets do not always have to be monotonous shades as now you can add quirk to your styling.

Choose from the bold colors ranging from bright pink to electrifying red to complete your outfit. Bright leathers add personality to your outlook and let you experiment and bring out the fun side of you.

7. Vintage Leather Jackets

Vintage Leather Jacket womenNo matter what the year is, the love for vintage does not fade away. There is always a special place in all of our hearts for vintage clothing. Be it for how unique it makes us look or the nostalgia, vintages always stay. One such statement piece is a vintage leather jacket.

You can even upcycle oversized bombers or blazers to add an old flair to the modern outfit. Another cool way to make your old leather jackets look vintage would be to add flairs or distress it.

A leather jacket can streamline any outfit. With plenty of options available for you to choose from, one can set the trend than to just follow it. You can always choose to let your personality see in your outfit and also go minimal by choosing the classic available options. Do not be afraid to mix and match or experiment with leather jackets as they add style and suave to any outfit.


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