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7 Things to Note When Ordering Custom Diamond Rings

custom diamond ringsDiamonds as they say are a girl’s best friends. So whether you are belting out a bit of Shirley Bassey, finding the right diamonds is something that will endure forever. But what are just some of the things you need to look out for? Apart from the cut as well as the setting, which are both important aspects on their own merit, there are also other points to take into consideration.

1. Brand Reputation

This is considered to be one of the most important areas when ordering custom diamond rings. At the end of the day it is all down to brand reputation. This is because of the quality not to mention finish will vary according to the company you choose with several key factors. This includes the likes of;

  • Craftsmanship.
  • Number of years in business and source of diamonds.
  • Quality of the overall product.

2. Reviews

Another important point to pay special attention to be the fact you need to look out for both positive as well as negative reviews on particular diamond or jewellery companies. This is important in order to come to the right decision when ordering. Feedback about the experience especially ordering is crucial for many reasons including;

  • Being able to compare and contrast reviews of customer experiences.
  • Having the ability to select the right type of company.
  • Doing your own background research on an independent visit to a store.

3. Price

We would like to go out and splash thousands on incredibly cut diamond rings. But if your wallet does not stretch that far then there are other alternatives. When looking at diamond rings in store you can always ask to haggle, especially if it is an expensive item. If you strike up a relationship they may be more affable in offering you a discount if you bought something on the spot instead of walking away.

4. Delivery

You really need to go with a company, which provides fast delivery when it comes to your diamond rings. Whether you require something, which is custom, made to pick up in store or want something to be delivered, having a speedy delivery facility is vital. In addition to this, things to note feature;

  • Actual delivery time from ordering to collection.
  • Whether or not postage is included.
  • If a company covers things such as insurance in case of any mislaid items.

5. Special Occasion

Investing in a diamond ring is certainly no laughing matter. Therefore don’t rush into the decision and ask yourself the significance of this particular purchase as ordering a ring could prove to be a one off. In this way, you may be purchasing an item of this nature for a number of different important events such as;

  • Engagement.
  • Wedding.
  • Anniversary gift.

6. Style

From princess cut to starburst, there are a host of different styles to choose from when ordering a diamond. However if you are unsure as to how to move forward it is essential that you go to the right store or diamond expert in order to discuss the details further. This will not only help you ease your mind but will give you inspiration and expertise from an experienced individual specialising in the industry.

7. Material

Just as crucial is to decide on which type of material you want to choose as far as your diamond ring is concerned. Thanks to the different options available, you can have the opportunity to take advantage of numerous finishes including;

  • White gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum

It is an important decision to make when ordering a diamond, especially one that has been custom made especially for you. However by following just a few of these pointers, you can order with a great amount of confidence.


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