Trendy Tips to Design your T-shirt

7 Trendy Tips to Design your T-shirt to keep Pace with Fashion

Well designed T-shirts with cool and imaginative messages on them always catches our attention. Ever wondered how do those artworks actually get designed and printed on t-shirts?

There are indefinite numbers of issues – technical and logistics involved in the process of designing and it can act as a nightmare for many creative artists’. However t-shirt designing is one of the most liberating forms of art.

Trendy Tips to Design your T-shirt

This article will help you with the understanding of guidelines in designing t-shirts.

 1. Develop a Concept

It is a very unfortunate situation to be in after spending hours of hard work in designing a concept, only for your printer to later intimate you that the designs does not qualify for printing.

When we say develop a concept, we mean prepare a framework of the stages that you will follow in designing the t- shirt. Include the technical and printing aspects into consideration in order to avoid later disappointments.

You need to brainstorm ideas pertaining to the kind of colors, font types, printing style, the kinds of designing software’s, will you be employing.

2. Define your Audience

Once you are clear with the concept in your head, it’s time to study the audience, which you will be targeting through your designs. Study your target audience intensely. Learn if you are looking at attracting male, females or both. Study color psychology and understand how colors play a vital role in creating thoughts and feelings.

Understand the age group and what sort of fonts and designs do they get attracted to. Learn about their culture and know what is accepted and otherwise.

3. Be Wary of the size of the Artwork

This is really a significant component of your designs. It is very common to see discrepancies between the designs on a computer screen and on a printed piece.  Once you are sure about the design in your head, then it is time to design the artwork in one of the best designing software’s.

4. Choose your Colors Wisely

For designing t- shirts, your color preference will play a pertinent role. Most of the designers will typically work in RGB and CMYK patterns, but it is also a good idea to try using PMS colors in your artwork. This will help you in separation of colors.

Try using complimentary colors in your artwork. It is reckoned to use bright colors in contrast to darker shades. You can try multiple combinations and see which works best.

5. Ideal to Convert Font types to Outlines

You will receive this advice from all experienced t- shirt designers. Converting text to outliners helps you to be on the safer side just in case if your printer guy substitutes your preferred font type to some other type.

By converting the font text to outlines, the text will be viewed as an image, as a result of which, no text can be altered.

6. Nail down a good Printer

The key to designing a good t-shirt is finding a superior printing company that understands the game of designing and produces accurate results.

Research all reputed printing companies, have a word with them and then choose a printing company that you have faith in. Remember, quality and experience would vary dramatically from one company to another; choose a company that considers your t- shirts as a superior level consumer product.

7. Selling your T-shirts on your Webstore

Have you ever heard of woocommerce product configurator tools from WooThemes? A WooCommerce product configurator plug-in such as WooCommerce custom t-shirt designer will be of great help to you in selling the t-shirts.

A WooCommerce custom t-shirt designer plug-in is very flexible and absolutely compatible with many WordPress stores. You can configure this plug-in into your existing WordPress website.

Using this plug-in your customers will be able to create their designs on t-shirts, add colors and font types of their choice. A lot of customization in designs is possible and can be done easily by them. Importantly even custom prices for custom designs can be set.

Designing a t-shirt can get a little over bearing especially for new designers. However, by following your passion and finding an inspiration for creating phenomenal and effective artwork for t-shirts, everything becomes a learning experience. So go ahead and get those designs out on t-shirts and let the consumers enjoy wearing those beautiful designed cool t-shirts.


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