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Top 3 Streaming Sites to Watch Your Favorite Celebrity Movies Online

Cable companies and even theaters are struggling to keep up with the popularity of online movie streaming. Here, we’ve outlined the best places for you to stream movies and television shows online.

Celebrity moviesHonorable Mention: Cable Companies

Your cable company, in an attempt to keep up with the popularity of other streaming services, may have begun offering movie streaming services as well. Verizon, for example, offers a streaming service based around their popular Redbox movie rental system. For $8/month, you can stream Redbox movies directly to your computer or to your game system or Verizon cable box. While it isn’t a bad option, there is a reason that these companies only merit an honorable mention.

3rd Place: Netflix

As a Netflix subscriber myself, it pains me to put the site in 3rd place here. The service is fantastic. For $8/ month (or $12/month if you want to be able to stream to more than 2 devices at a time) you have access to thousands of movies and television shows, and the option of adding a DVD service to your account as well to have even more movies sent right to your mailbox. What could be better than that?

The main negative point for Netflix, and the reason it is in third place is the lack of new programming. Unless you are watching one of their Netflix exclusive series, you may find yourself waiting months for new seasons of your favorite shows, and even longer than that for new movies. The lack of new content is what relegates Netflix to 3rd place in this contest.

2nd Place: Hulu Plus

Hulu.com does offer some free content, but if you are looking for a site for streaming movies online, then a Hulu Plus account is going to be your best bet. For $8/month, you can stream unlimited movies and TV shows to your computer, game system, or mobile device. New movies are loaded quickly, and new episodes of currently airing television shows are loaded within 24 hours of their initial air date, making it much more convenient for people who prefer to watch their shows with limited commercials.

The key word there is limited though. Even paid Hulu Plus subscribers will find themselves subjected to some advertisements before, after, and during the movies and shows that they choose to stream. If you’re one of those people who go to online streaming to avoid advertisements, then Hulu Plus will not be your best choice, which is why it is sitting in 2nd place.

1st Place: Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime might look intimidating to people because of its price tag: $99 per year. If you divide that cost by 12, it becomes a much less frightening $8.25 per month, putting its cost on par with all of the other streaming services mentioned here. What you get for that price is what makes Amazon Prime number one in online movie streaming.

The site offers tens of thousands of movies and television shows for rent or purchase, and just as many available to view for free. New shows and movies are uploaded as soon as they are available, and, unlike the other sites on this list, you have the option to download movies to your devices, which makes it ideal if want to take some movies with you if you are expecting to have no internet connection.

Side note: if you have children who enjoy the programming on Nickelodeon, an Amazon Prime account will give you access to all of the Nick shows that used to be on Netflix but were pulled due to Viacom refusing to renew its contract with the website.


So there you have it, the top places for streaming movies online. A quick Google search can show you dozens of other sites that may be able to stream movies, even ones that are still in the theaters, but their legality is questionable, so stream at your own risk.


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