Best Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

9 Best Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

Picking the right baby shower gift can quickly become a testing task. You think you can pick up one of the delicate items from the baby store, only to get there and find out that it becomes more challenging. Trying to figure out what didn’t make it to the mother’s shopping list for her baby can be overwhelming. If the mother has registered for gifts, then you have to make sure that you don’t get something others are getting her too. You want to stand out as her best friend, and you want to get her something unique.

Here are the top 9 baby shower gifts, not only exciting but super-useful for the mom to be and sure to impress the other guests at the baby shower too.

1. Soothing Sounds Stuffed Toy

Some of the things the mom and dad to have probably not anticipated, like the fact that they are probably not going to get adequate sleep after the baby. One gift that they will thank you for is the godsend soothing sound toy, which indulges and puts the baby to sleep. You can also get baby toys that come with a small alarm clock, so the mother is reminded of the baby’s schedule, and it becomes easier to stick to it.

2. Crib Sheets

It comes as a starter pack and allows the parents to change the crib easily. It comes with a base mattress and zip on the top sheet. The best part about these is that if the baby gets sick or has an accident you unzip the layer instead of taking all the linings from the crib and starting to arrange the mattress from scratch.

3. A Baby Journal

If the mom-to-be was ever into scrapbooking, she will love this beautiful keepsake. A baby journal will help her document all the lovely moments in the baby’s first years including things the parents would like to remember as the child gets older.

Get a journal that comes with a medical log and guidebook as a bonus to your gift.

4. A Baby Thermometer

Do not just get any thermometer, but get the one that works differently than the ones kids run away from. A baby thermometer can check temperatures via touching the forehead or even the ear. It helps the parents when they have to check the temperature of a sleeping baby.

5. Hospital Survival Kit

So often we focus on gifts for the baby; we forget that the mommy needs equal attention. So this one is for the moms-to-be, and the best part about this gift is that you can make it personal. Think of some of her favorite things and add them to a jar. She might need stuff like chocolate, wet wipes, lip balm, deodorant wipes, makeup, mints, nail polish, and even a coffee gift card.

6. A Diaper Changing Station

The best thing right now is a convenient changing station. Don’t blow all your money in a wooden table, get a portable station that is easy to move around the house and take wherever the parents want to lounge.

It has rubber feet and a handle for parents to carry it. If you know that the parents have not put on the final touches to the nursery or are still figuring out where to put the baby’s things, this is a great gift. The caddy comes with space for wipes, lotions, and diapers. There is also a changing mat for the baby, and a drawer in case you want to store items.

7. Recovery Basket

It is another present for the mom to be. Most moms do not think about their health and recovery post-baby; everyone is focusing on what the baby needs. A recovery kit should have skincare products for stretch marks and scarring, a nutrition plan, and several other hairs and bath products that will rejuvenate the mother. You will easily find some fantastic cute kits from some of the leading organic stores.

8. A Door Muffler

Most parents don’t even know these exist. The door muffler helps to keep it quiet when you are opening or closing the door while the baby is asleep. Not only will the mom thank you for the miracle product, but they will also love how it keeps the baby asleep while the mother gets some undistracted me-time, something new parents rarely get. You will find some cute ones on Etsy.

9. The Baby Bundle

When you are not sure what to get for the mother, a baby bundle will do the trick. These have everything the mom will need including items that relieve stuffy noses, concoctions for gassy babies, great accessories such as tiny nail clippers, a peri bottle that is excellent for the mother to be, phone holder for the stroller, so the mom doesn’t have to struggle with holding multiple things, and wraps for the baby.

It has everything you would want to give the mom for the baby, instead of picking and choosing when your heart desires multiple things. You can find this premade in baby shops, or you can even select items and have them wrapped in a basket as a gift.


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