Antique Style Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Antique Style: Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Antique Style Black Diamond Engagement Rings
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Let’s face it – if there is one thing that is true about most guys, it is that they don’t typically enjoy shopping for jewelry. It’s rare to find men who know much about diamonds before they get engaged, and it’s rarer still for men to know about the different styles that are available for them to buy. So, when a typical guy walks into his first jewelry store searching for the right engagement ring, it’s easy to see why he is so overwhelmed. It’s quite likely that he will see tons of rings, ranging from the simple to the downright garish, the “normal” to the exotic, and the affordable to the absurdly expensive. This article will be focusing on one of the fresher trends hitting wedding aisles – the black diamond engagement ring.

It’s hard to know where to begin unless you read up on the different varieties of engagement rings out there before you go out shopping for your future wife’s own engagement ring. The good news is that much like your own personal dress style, the ring you buy is a reflection of the beliefs and attitude that you have about your relationship. So, before you shop, think about what you want your ring to say. And then, try to figure out how to make black diamond’s say it elegantly.

“I Want It To Be As Unique As Our Love”

If you are looking for a unique engagement ring, it may be a good idea to look up jewelers who specialize in custom engagement rings. You can choose everything from the gem, the metal in the ring, the cut that you want the gem to have, and the style of ring that will be holding the diamond. Jewelers who offer custom engagement rings will charge more than those who sell mass-produced rings, but the fact is that it will be worth every penny.

It’s a good idea to look at other color options if you want it to be unique. Consider buying a black diamond engagement ring, or possibly a pink, yellow, or blue diamond if possible.

“I Want It to Be Unique And Old School”

Another option for people who are looking for a unique engagement ring would be getting an antique engagement ring. This can be hard to do, and it can also be difficult to find an antique that you’d like to see your fiancee wearing. Be forewarned – antique engagement rings may not have diamonds in them! Traditionally, old world engagement rings carried rubies or sapphires, since diamonds were often too expensive. If you do find an antique diamond ring, it’s quite likely going to be a black diamond engagement ring.

“We Want A Traditional Marriage”

Looking for a traditional engagement ring? The most common diamond cut used in an engagement is a princess cut. Traditionally, a simple gold band with a single stone was the ring of choice for men looking to walk the aisle with that special lady. These rings are easily found, and can actually be quite affordable depending on the purity of the gold.

There is a major  caveat with girls who want a very traditional wedding ring – you should ask them what they think about black diamonds beforehand. If they aren’t fans of black diamonds, opt for a clear diamond instead, and consider accenting it with black diamonds.

“I Want Her Ring To Be Stylish And Edgy”

If your soon-to-be wife is a fan of everything trendy, why not go for a black diamond engagement ring? These ultra-hip gems have been appearing on the runways for years, and they are now starting to gain an audience with people who dislike the traditional look of a clear diamond but still want a diamond in their ring.

There is definitely a lot of variety with black diamond rings. Black diamond engagement rings can have a clear center diamond with black diamond accents, or be made exclusively with black diamonds. Typically, they will have an equally edgy, equally modern metal such as titanium, platinum or white gold to accent the striking gemstones that make them so different from your everyday ring.

“Romance. It’s All About Romance!”

Want a ring that really brings out your romantic side in all its glory? Go for a heart-cut diamond, ruby accents, and a gold or platinum band. Red is the color of love, and a heart cut diamond will always remind your fiancee that you will always be her sweetheart.

Would a black diamond engagement ring work in this sense? Possibly, if it’s cut into a cute heart shape and accented with rubies or garnets!

“My Budget Is An Issue…”

Budgets will always be tight in a global recession, but never fear! There are ways to make your diamond engagement ring still beautiful while keeping the price low. A small diamond, or a lower quality diamond, may be what you should opt for. Oddly enough, black diamonds are often cheaper than regular diamonds, making them a great choice for runway style on a budget.

So there you have it – black diamond’s offer men and women many different styles of engagement rings to choose from. All you have to do is figure out how to make the gem work for the message you want to give. Happy shopping!


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