Coloured Stone Wedding Rings

Be Unique with the Coloured Stone Wedding Rings!

The wedding band or ring is perhaps a crucial part of any marriage! So, when the time came to shop for my wedding ring/band, my fiancé and I thought that we would make an extra effort in choosing the wedding rings ourselves! It might sound a bit cheesy, but we completely adore each other. We are unique, we are special. Our wedding ring also had to be special! Something that is personal, something that would speak intimately to us. Now, my fiancé is completely in for the traditional wedding band; but my adventurous side would never settle for that. After all, I hold my degree in gemmology! Gemstones in their myriad hues fascinate me. And I wanted to add color to my wedded life by choosing a wedding ring that has some color. I am chuckling every time I envision my friends gaping over my out-of-the-box wedding ring on my D-day!

What are the options in colored stone wedding rings?

Since I offer my services to the clients of the designer house I work for, I know the varieties that are show stealers when people walk in to shop for wedding band/rings.

  • Clear diamond rings with side stones
  • Solitaire diamond ring
  • Non-diamond precious stone ring
  • Three stone diamond ring

But what if I wanted to stand out? What if I wanted my wedding ring to be the center of attraction at every event, post marriage? So, I made up my mind to add colour by means of a colored stone. Now if you look around, there are never-ending options of beautiful hues of coloured gemstones that you could pick for your ring. Best part – there is a stone of any colour you love, and any pocket capacity that you decide to allot for your ring. From the humble (yet equally dashing, fun and elegant!) Garnet or Amethyst to exotic (and eminently expensive) Rubies and Sapphires, the list can simply reach to the moon and back. What’s better? Most gemstones represent one or multiple aspects of life.

Here are some of the coloured stone options that I looked through:

1. Aquamarine:

Aquamarine is a variation of the mineral beryl. The beautiful blue colour almost reminds all of the sea. The name might have been derived from the same fact. It symbolizes youth, hope, courage, communication and health.

2. Citrine

This kind of stone varies in colour, the variation ranges from champagne to deep orange. This is due to the presence of a hint of iron in the stone. Some confuse it with topaz, but do not make that mistake. Citrine represents prosperity.

3. Coloured Diamonds

Diamonds are forever, but I wanted a coloured stone. So, I looked for coloured diamonds. These are readily available as well. Each coloured diamond has a different meaning.

  • Red diamonds signify passion
  • Green diamonds symbolizes youth
  • The blue ones signify eternity and devotion

4. Emerald:

It is a type of beryl and falls in the same group as the aquamarine. The rich green colour is just awesome. From the Egyptian ruler Cleopatra to the Elizabeth Taylor, everybody owned awesome jewellery pieces of emerald. Cost of the emerald rings vary with the size and quality of the stone in the ring.

5. Garnet

The colour that pops in everyone’s head hearing this name is the red stone. But, the fact is that there are many different coloured garnet stones (even green!). The green variety is known as Tsavorite. The red ones are known as Almandine garnets. The cut and clarity of the stone is crucial for determining the price. To know all about the garnet stone visit Wikipedia.

The buck doesn’t stop here. But since it doesn’t stop anywhere actually, we have to make a stop. You see, when each gemstone exudes so much charm and speak in such volume about life’s values, it is obvious that a wedding ring made with such a stone would have its own story to tell. Just like you as a couple, or like your married life – unique in its own way, deep with its own story engraved in the sands of time. Wondering which way did I go? I picked up Aquamarine – it is not only my birthstone (being March born!), but also complements my blue-grey eyes perfectly. What’s more? It represents youthfulness and hope – two things that I wish my marriage always has. I am in love with my wedding ring. Make sure that you adore yours too.


Kate Wellesley is not your average bride-to-be hunting for her wedding ring. She is an accredited and certified gemologist. Apart from aesthetic sense, she also has technical expertise in creating jewellery with stones. Since she specializes in stones — naturally, for her own wedding ring, she was checking out reputed jewellers like Simon Wright Jewellery; who would provide her with plethora of artistic design options, understand her vision as a client and address her unique and personal needs and wants.