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Become An Expert On Diamond Rings: –Learn About 4 “C”s!

Diamond RingsHey all the readers out there. Have you ever faced a situation when you have to buy a diamond ring for your girlfriend of family or mother and you don’t  know any idea how to choose quality one? Or have you ever been scammed by a false jewelry (especially when it comes to diamonds)?   If so then you are on the right page to know about what are the things you have to keep a eye on before buying a diamond jewelry.

Owners are liable to brag about the quality of their merchandise; the diamond rings sellers are of no exception. If you are wholly innocent about what makes the diamond rings different from one another, then, whichever diamond ring you set your eye upon, the jeweler would, no doubt, react with an exclamation saying– “Now, that’s a great choice!”, and then go on about its good qualities to make you think that it’s indeed the best diamond ring. Hence, if you don’t want to be fooled into purchasing a low quality diamond ring at a higher price, then you need to know about the individual qualities of diamond rings & the way to appraise them like a jeweler!

How to Appraise the Quality of Diamond Rings:–Study the 4 “C”s!

1. Cut (Brilliance of Diamond Stone Depends On Its Depth, Height & Width):– 

The jewelers would try their best to make their diamond rings on display glitter brightly but that brilliant appearance of diamonds, in reality, will depend upon their cut (i.e. dimensions or shape). A well-cut diamond, even if small, will seem appealing to the eye and would also be pricier than the larger ones of lesser brilliance.

Hence, the best way to separate a high-quality diamond from a low-quality one is by observing how much they sparkle when viewed at the same lighting. The brighter a diamond glitters, the higher its price would be.

2. Clarity (Diamonds Should Be Unblemished):–

Another thing to observe in diamonds would be their clarity; examine the diamond stones thoroughly with the help of a jeweler’s loupe (i.e. magnifying glass) to see whether there are any blemishes or other imperfections within or on the surface of those diamond stones.

It’s always best to buy a diamond stone, which has flaws near the edges rather than at the centre. And, of course, if you can detect subtle flaws in the diamond stone, then the seller might charge you a fair price.

3. Color (White To Yellow)–

To the naked eye, each & every diamond might seem identical in appearance, but if viewed under the sunlight, you would be able to discern that some are sparklingly white (or clear) whereas some possess yellowish color!

The gemologists have set aside color ratings from D to Z, where D refers most clear or whitish diamond stones and the Z refers most yellowish stone color. And, yeah, the whiter the diamond stone, the higher the price will be.

4. Carat (Weight of Diamond Stone):–

When purchasing a diamond ring, the last thing to consider (besides certification) is the carat number or, rather say, the weight of diamond stone you prefer. And remember when you go for higher carat obviously the price is higher.

And here are some other small points that you should always keep on mind.

1. Always shop through a recognized and trusted brand or shop.

2. there is a high risk of being scammed when you go for online jewelry shopping . Always go for trusted name such as Jewelaryroom.com.

3. Online Jewelry auctions are the best place to get diamond rings at a cheap prices. You can count to them provided they are the trusted ones.

4.Decide your budget, make sure what type of ring are you searching for, have the clear vision about the cut, clarity, color and carat of the diamond ring and then only invest your money.

Like many other people, you may also want to gift your fiancée a heavier diamond ring. But, mind you, the larger the carat of diamond stone, the higher the price of diamond rings would be. Hence, we recommend you to choose a carat number, affordable to your budget condition.


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