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Why Should I Buy Real Human Hair?

We have all, at one time or another, heard some of the stereotypical language used when speaking about extensions: Numerous stories have been tossed around, such as persons being  forced to shave their hair and not receiving a penny for it. Let’s set the record straight.

Read on to get some clear facts – and some helpful information  – to know when you are deciding if using real human hair is right for you.

Hey girl, where’d you get your hair?

Real Human HairReal Human Hair

Real human hair often goes by many names: Human Hair, Remy Hair, Virgin Hair, Yaki Hair, Brazilian, and so forth. Deciphering your way through all the terminology is pretty simple if you can keep in mind a few facts about real human hair.

  1. Is cut off the head of a living person called a hair donor
  2. All cuticles are going in the same direction
  3. Human donors do not cut their hair against their will
  4. Usually untreated and unprocessed

In India, where a large majority of human hair comes from, individuals, as part of their religion, have their hair cut off at the temple. It is an act called, tonsuring, and a ritual that has literally gone on for hundreds of years.


Hair Fact: Many, many years ago, the hair that was cut off a persons’ head was used as the stuffing for mattresses!

The hair is pulled into a tight ponytail and cut, taking care to keep the freshly cut hair together. Cutting the hair in this fashion ensures that all the hair cuticles are in the same direction, which is the natural way your hair grows, and makes it extremely easy to maintain. The cut hair is then collected by the temple and sold to hair extension companies – bringing in much needed revenue for the temples – which allows them, in turn, to do more for their communities.

Hair cut in this manner, is called Remy/Remi hair. Remy hair is the most expensive types of hair in the world.

Hair Fact: Human hair used for extensions comes from several different ethnicities: Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Brazilian and Caucasian


What is so awesome and inviting about Remy hair is its ability to be tangle-free, to hold a luxurious shine and keep its smooth, silky texture. At first glance, you can tell right away that it is healthy and looks considerably more natural than synthetic hair.

  • Virgin Remy  – is also called raw or natural hair. This means that the hair has always been free of chemicals.
  • Non-Virgin Remy – This is Remy hair that may, at one point, have been virgin Remy, but has undergone a chemical transformation such as dyeing or perming to achieve a different color or hair style.

Hair Fact: Remy hair has a look and feel that is far superior to normal human hair extensions.


Yaki HairsYaki hair is also real human hair that refers to the texture of the hair being more Afro-Caribbean in nature. Because the word, “yaki”, is a term that describes solely the texture of the hair, Yaki hair can be synthetic, human hair or even Remy human hair. There are several different types of Yaki hair:

  • Regular – resembles relaxed hair
  • Silky/Straight – resembles relaxed and flat-ironed hair
  • Kinky – represents hair that has been straightened with a blow dryer, thus giving it a more coarse appearance and thickness.
  • Coarse – Coarse Yaki is most similar to natural, un-relaxed Afro-Caribbean hair. It can be purchased either Wavy or Curly and is ideal for natural hairstyles.

They Last and Last…..

Yes, it’s true, real human hair lasts a number of weeks or even months longer than its synthetic counterparts. Just like you take care of your own hair, human hair extensions and wigs need that same kind of love. The better you take care of them, the longer they will last.

Color, Cut, Curl, Repeat….

Human hair is great for any styling plans you have for your hair. You can add pops of color to it, cut it, curl it, crimp it, braid it….and then wash it out and start all over again! Human hair also holds up extremely well to heat, so don’t be afraid to use your best curling or flat irons to achieve the look that you want.


Because of their versatility, easy maintenance and ability to blend in flawlessly with your real hair, human hair extensions are usually a bit more pricier than synthetic hair. However, as the saying goes, ‘You get what you pay for.’ And what you’re getting is high quality human hair, that will move fluidly with your own, allow you to experiment with styles you’ve always dreamed about and give you the freedom to look your diva-best! It really is an investment in your hair – isn’t your hair worth going to great lengths?

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