Fashionable Club Dresses

Choose Fashionable and Comfortable Club Dresses

Getting ready to party is sometimes quite challenging: which club to go to? With whom? How to go there? And last but not least…. What to wear??  This last question pops up every time whether you are a boy or a girl.

For men the answer to this question is usually easy. A nice pair of jeans, nice shoes, white t-shirt, your best watch and that’s it! But for girls the choice is so huge that it sometimes requires hours and hours of interrogation. The most is of course to wear a nice dress with high heels to look gorgeous. But high heels can be tough to wear after dancing for a couple of hours… so we are back to our main question… what to wear?

Fashionable Club Dresses

Being comfortable and sexy in your club dress is possible, but how?

Yes you can be comfortable in a nice and sexy dress. No need to take your sneakers and your jeans because you just want to enjoy on the dance floor. You are in a club, be sexy! So go to the store with your best friend and try dresses, a lot a lot a lot until you find the one where you feel comfy and sexy at the same time. You find the one but it is too short for your taste, know that you can combine your dress with a legging, it is still trendy! For the shoes, the best is high heels, when you buy them ask the help of someone in the store, it is very important to have the perfect size for your feet so you can walk and dance without problem. You know that you can even take some course to learn how to walk with high heels? Just saying’… Anyway if you cannot wear high heels at all, a pair of sandals will do (remember to match the colors  of your shoes with some accessories like a purse, some jewel, chains, tangling, earrings, etc…)

Sexy Club Dresses

Choose a dress in the theme of the night

Before running to the club in your new lovely dress, be sure that it matches the theme of the night. It is not rare that night club organize some special event like Caribbean night, or 80’s night, or black & white night, so be sure that the outfit you choose is right.

Pick up a dress that match what you want…

For a great majority of people, going to the club means meeting people and maybe find someone either for the night or for life…

  • If you look for a one-night-stand, wear something super sexy that clearly shows your outmost (if you have great legs wear something short, if you have nice breast, show your cleavage (don’t show too much though, a little bit of secrecy is one of the best seducing tool)
  • If you look for the love of your life: don’t put too much hope in this but as I say, how can you obtain something without even trying? So wear something that makes you look absolutely fabulous, if you have small breasts why not a nice sleeveless dress in striking colors like aqua blue for example, like this your soul mate will catch you in only a glimpse of an eye.
  • If you come just for fun, the dress you wear need to be 100% comfortable and nice at the same time. Even if you don’t want to be bothered by guys asking you the time every second you have to look great. After all you are not going to the club every night.

Whatever dress you choose when you are going to a club, keep in mind that anything can happen. You can have the best night of your life like the worst… The outfits you choose to wear also have to reflect your intentions. It also has to be fashionable (if you go to an 80’s night why not looking in your mother’s wardrobe, maybe you will find THE dress). If you go to clubs every week end, you just cannot wear the same dress over and over again, that’s it. No reasons to spend all of your salary in new dress every week, borough something from your friends or just mix and match your old dresses, use your imagination! It will pay out.


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