Frizzy Hair

New Salon Treatment for Frizzy Hairs

Finding yourself stuck with frizzy hair can feel like a curse. After all, when you think about beautiful hair you likely think about long, flowing, shiny locks- not a bunch of frizzy split-ends splaying out in every imaginable direction.

Frizzy Hair

To make matters worse, frizzy hair can feel impossible to avoid. Sure, you can take advantage of certain home treatments and various rules of hair-care thumb to reduce the number of frizzy days in your calendar, but when it comes down to it shampooing your hair once a week instead of once a day can only do so much. If you suffer from frizzy hair then you need to take serious action to calm your hair down.

Thankfully a number of new salon treatments promise more reliable frizzy-hair prevention than you ever thought possible.

Brazilian Keratin

While known better as a hair straightening treatment, Brazilian Keratin, also known as BKT, offer an effective way to dispel frizz for a significant amount of time, while also giving you long, straight, shiny, beautiful hair in the process.

Brazilian KeratinBKT works through a pretty simple and quick process. When you get BKT at your salon your stylist will take liquid keratin and seal it into your hair using heat and a preserving cocktail. Keratin itself is an all-natural substance, a type of protein that makes up the bulk of the outer layer of your skin, and which is so strong and durable it’s considered one of the toughest organic compounds ever discovered. BKT lasts about 3 months and is suitable for use with both treated and untreated hair. To add to the good news you don’t need to wait too long after receiving treatment to wash your hair, as you usually can within 3 days of receiving BKT to banish your curls.

Deep Conditioning

Deep ConditioningA more common treatment that can dramatically reduce frizz without straightening your hair, deep conditioning is a good all-purpose treatment to consider if you want smoother hair but you don’t want to make a big commitment with something like BKT.

Deep conditioning works like normal daily conditioning, penetrating your hair, smoothing out each follicle while strengthening and moisturizing it. In addition deep conditioning will also moisturize your scalp, reducing the chances of itching and flaking, contributing to an overall healthier and more attractive head of hair. Deep conditioning is especially important for individuals with highly treated hair.

While you can use powerful conditioners at home you’re better off getting deep conditioned at a salon where they’ll be able to mix together a conditioner with the proper combination of proteins and fats to meet your particular hair’s needs.

Hot Oil Treatment

Hot Oil TreatmentWith deep conditioning, precision matters when receiving a hot oil treatment as some oils work better with different types of hair. Instead of rolling the dice on picking the right oil for your hair, go to a salon and have a professional put together and apply the perfect blend to meet your needs.

Hot oil treatments utilize essential oils with a small enough molecular structure to penetrate your hair, moisturizing it and reducing frizz. You don’t worry- hot oil won’t make your hair greasy or weigh it down as long as you use the right essential oils.


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