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Choosing Jewellery For You!

Jewellery RepairsBeauty experts say, that one of the secrets of looking your best, is choosing jewellery that is specifically suited to your style!

A Lady walked into a jewellers shop complaining about the size of the ring her husband had bought the previous day. ‘No problem madam’, said the assistant,’ we can easily alter the ring to fit your finger’. ‘You don’t understand’, she said, ‘you sold my husband a five carat size,and I take a ten carat size’.

The Greek  philosopher Epictetus said, ‘know first who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.’ The difference between fashion and style, is that fashion is what is popular at a certain time, where as style  is about your individuality, and should be maintained as fashions change.  Jewellery that is right for you, as an individual, gives confidence because you look good, and comfort because you feel good.

A basic to consider , when choosing jewellery ,is face shape and body type.

With the right jewellery, your face can be made to appear larger or smaller, prominent  features less noticeable, attention can be directed away from what you are self conscious about ,and what you consider your assets,can be highlighted and accentuated.

A simple secret, if you want to make your face shape less apparent, is to wear jewellery that is the opposite to your face shape.

  • For bigger facial features, larger scale jewellery should be worn. Smaller tends to make the face look bigger.
  • In the same way the smaller face needs small jewellery, because large jewellery tends to make the face appear smaller.
  • If the face is wide, choose slim and elongated shapes, if narrow, then rounder and fuller is best.

The same general rule applies to body type, which includes the neck ,wrists and hands. The size of jewellery should create a balanced look over all.

Skin tone is important. Do a little research to become aware of your skin colour. skin can be pale, yellow/olive, pink, peach, creamy white, and with freckles and rosy cheeks. Skin tone can also be thought  of as cool: darker skin and warm: lighter tones.

If choosing metal jewellery for cool skin tones, then silver, platinum and white gold are appropriate. Costume jewellery can be purple, red, blue and magenta.

Gold, pewter and copper metals enhance warm skin tones, while best colours are brown, orange, green, yellow, coral and turquoise.

There is an abundance of beautiful Jewellery out there ,for every occasion and moment. Jewellery  that is perfect for you.


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