Choosing Nightwear to Match Your Skin Tone

NightwearDo you have a colour you know you look great in? Or have you ever noticed how that beautiful blue your friend loves to wear just doesn’t look right on you? You might not know it, but this is all down to your skin tone.

The colour styling industry is booming, with more and more people turning to these specialised ‘colourists’ to find out what colours will make them look their best. It’s not just colour either but getting the shade and hue right too – one green can make your skin look sallow or pale, whilst another can make it glow with health and make your eyes seem to sparkle with vivid colour!

Now, when it comes to nightwear opinions are divided. Some people think it’s just for sleeping in, others choose their nightwear the same way they choose their clothes during the daytime, where style and appearance are key. If you like to look good in your PJs, read on to find out what colour nightwear you should be choosing to suit your skin tone (hint: tips can be applied to outrwear too!)…

First, you must determine your natural undertone which will either be warm, cool or neutral. This can be found by sitting in front of a mirror in natural light (false lighting such as a lamp can make you appear a totally different colour, so do this at midday in front of a big window) and looking to distinguish what tone your skin emits in this light. Fairer skin tones tend to have hints of pink and cool undertones (think, blue), whereas darker skin tones have warmer, golden undertones. If you’re somewhere in the middle, with no discernable bluish or pinkish hues, your skin tone is neutral.

  • Warm skin tones

Warm skin tones are those which appear golden and olive and they will look best in equally warm colours. Look for nightwear that is brown, red, gold, orange or yellow – use autumn leaves as your inspiration!

Why not look for a sexy chocolate brown silk nightdress, or vibrant lipstick red pyjamas for a look that screams sexy!

  • Neutral skin tones

Lucky neutral skin tones tend to suit both warm and cool colours as their skin undertones are a mix of the two. Therefore choosing colours to suit your complexion is normally an easy task, as most colours will look great with your neutral skin tone!

Since pretty much anything is guaranteed to make you look great, feel free to have some fun and experiment with colours you wouldn’t normally choose. Why not pick out lime green pyjamas, or a multi-coloured night robe?

  • Cool skin tones

Colder colours such as blues, pinks and purples will look best on people with cool skin tones. Think of how your skin looks when you’ve been out in the snow for a few hours – that’s bluish tinge might not look great at the time, but as far as clothing goes it suits you just perfect!

These colours will help to enhance and brighten your complexion, so baby pink or rich, navy blue nightwear is a great choice. Pastel colours will also look good with your skin tone, especially baby blue and lilac.


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