Diamond Engagement Bands

Diamond Engagement Bands for Men: Will He Take This Ring?

There’s a lot of talk these days about men’s engagement rings, particularly diamond engagement bands for men. While traditionally engagement rings have been strictly for brides, modern times have changed all of that. Diamond engagement bands are anything but traditional, but that’s part of their versatile appeal. Here are five reasons why diamond engagement bands for men are a good idea.

He can start getting excited about the wedding early:
Diamond Rings for Men
Weddings are a process that can sometimes minimize and even alienate the groom. It’s not uncommon for grooms to get stressed out by the planning process, even while simultaneously feeling like they’re not allowed any major input. Diamond engagement bands for men help guys feel like they are an important part of the process, even if they’re not the one doing the majority of the planning. Any time he looks at his finger, he’ll remember what an exciting and momentous step you are taking together, and how even during times of stress it’s all well worth it.

His engagement ring can also be his wedding band

One of the major sticking points that many couples have when considering diamond engagement bands for men is by thinking of them as identical to women’s engagement rings. That couldn’t be farther from the truth – diamond engagement bands for men are free from much of the tradition associated with women’s engagement rings.
At the same time, in other cultures around the world it is not uncommon for men to wear their wedding band as an engagement ring, usually simply switching the band from the right hand to the left hand at the time of marriage. There is no need to buy both an engagement ring and wedding band for him – one can seamlessly transition to become the other.

His ring can match yours:
Diamond Engagement Bands

What better way to symbolize your union than with matching bands? There’s no denying that many men’s wedding rings fall short visually of women’s engagement rings. Matching bands are a great way to level the playing field a little and have some synergy between your two rings.
Consider classic matching styles like diamond eternity bands. These are appropriate for both men and women, and have an unquestionably timeless appeal. For an interesting twist, try diamond engagement bands for men in a reverse eternity style, which offers rows of endless diamonds at the edges rather than down the center.

They have great options:

Don’t think that just because diamonds are involved that his ring will be astronomically priced. For starters, diamond engagement bands for men utilize much smaller stones than women’s engagement rings. Factors like clarity and color also become less important on account of the stone size.

Diamond engagement bands for men also have far more material options than women’s engagement rings, which usually stick to traditional precious metals like gold and platinum. Men’s diamond rings can easily be found in contemporary materials like tungsten, titanium, ceramic and cobalt chrome, all of which are significantly less expensive than their precious counterparts.
Diamond engagement bands for men can also offer a number of stone colors. In addition to classic white diamonds, men’s engagement rings often have black or cognac diamonds. These colored diamonds are generally no more expensive than colorless diamonds and offer a certain manly appeal.

They’re unforgettable

Let’s face it: a lot of plain wedding bands for men fall under the categories of dull and boring. With their sparkling stones and often intricate designs, diamond engagement bands for men make a definite statement. These rings are a perfect way to commemorate your union in high style while celebrating and treating the man who made it all possible.


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