Choosing Your Wedding Music Playlist

Wedding-EntertainmentWhen it comes to planning your wedding, there are several hundreds of details swirling around your to-do list, competing for your attention before the big day. While it is important to find the dress, settle on a location, and start putting together the guest list, you also need to think about music. Don’t wait until the day before your wedding to start thinking about the music you want at your wedding. You, your future spouse, your family, friends, and invited guests will be waiting to dance the night away. Make sure you have some special songs for them to sway to:

First, think about the cocktail hour and dinner. Before the wedding reception really moves into full swing, you will need some gentle music that people can relax to while they locate their table numbers, order a glass of wine and mingle. You will be busy with pictures and greetings at this point, so don’t worry about picking out music you want to hear. Talk to your musicians about some light instrumental music that is not too loud or disruptive. During dinner, many couples like to have slow music playing so their guests can enjoy good conversation while they eat.

After dinner, the real party starts. Pick music that will be fun to dance to. You do not want to look out at an empty dance floor at your wedding. Have your band play lively, energetic favorites that will inspire people to boogie and grind. You can also incorporate standard wedding pieces such as the Electric Slide, the Chicken Dance, and even the Macarena.

There are special dances that need to be considered as well. You and your husband or wife will select a song for your first dance as husband and wife. Most brides choose to do a father – daughter dance as well, and sometimes grooms do a special dance with their mothers. Choose those songs for each dance and make sure your musicians are prepared to play them at your wedding.

Proper planning will make your wedding the beautiful and special event that you want it to be. When you book your wedding band, talk about how soon they need to have your playlist. Discuss the type of music you are hoping to feature at your wedding, during the reception and during dinner, and make sure the band is comfortable with all the songs you are requesting.


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