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Medical Technologies That Destroy Your Beautiful Skin

Young Brunette WomanBeautiful skin is among the most profound desires of every human being. In pursuance of flawless skin, men and women, young and old alike have resorted to natural and medical contraptions that promised smooth and gleaming skin as end results. When the application of skin care products did not deliver the desired results, invasive clinical technologies were evolved to meet beauty needs. However, even these treatments do not always have the effects they are expected to. Skin treatments have been known to leave patients worse off. Besides, keeping skin beautiful is a full time job as a host of factors can affect skin cells.

Photofacial is a medical procedure that is popular among women belonging to all walks of life. Priced anywhere between $150 and $600, photofacial laser treatment corrects skin conditions to keep signs of aging at bay. Skin is expected to be smooth, with even texture and color. Hyperpigmentation in its various forms is targeted for removal, from age spots to liver spots of varying densities. In this treatment, high intensity lasers with plasma energy are directed into the skin to zap inner problematic layers, without affecting the outer layers of epidermis.

However, it has been reported that patients of photofacials often suffer from adverse side effects. The exposed skin cells are rendered highly sensitive, especially to UV rays of the Sun. This makes a patient susceptible to skin conditions inflicted by UV rays reacting with skin cells. Redness of skin and skin irritability are other side effects observed because of the treatment. Skin irritability and redness of the skin take a long time to be subdued after photofacial treatment, and can spoil the health of your skin.

Botox treatments are directed at curing a wide range of ailments, though its most popular avatar is as the eradicator of signs of aging on facial and body skin. Botox injections treat wrinkles and fine lines, making skin taut. However, there are loud side effects of Botox treatments that are counterproductive to the purpose of the treatment. Droopy eyelids are not a probability, but a certainty. The unpleasant effects of droopy eyelids need no introduction. Besides, when Botox treatments are carried out by inexperienced practitioners, there exists a very real risk of skin being pulled so tautly that you are unable to move your facial muscles. Also, facial muscle pain is a popular side effect.

Laser skin treatments are hailed for the quick results they yield. However, not all is rosy with the treatment as it comes with its retinue of side effects that only serve to throw the chemistry of skin off balance. The detrimental effects of the pulses of light directed into the skin include immense pain. Multiple layers of outer skin are removed, exposing pink skin that is highly sensitive.

Redness and scabbing of skin persists for more than two weeks after treatment, and your skin is not completely healed for about two months. When left thus susceptible, your skin is devoid of vitality, and can be affected by other elements that could have ruinous effects on the skin.

Yet another adverse effect of this treatment is the fact that sunlight could wreck havoc on your skin. After going through laser skin treatments, you are required to take at least a month long sabbatical from life, apart from exercising extreme caution with skin care. The stress of the same alone is enough to cause symptom outbreak on your skin, depriving it of beauty.

Photorejuvenation is a process by which attempts are made to clinically restore vitality to the skin and make it youthful. This exposure to emittances of select light rays have such lasting effects on skin and surrounding cells that a wise one would know to avoid the procedure. As a result of exposure to the beams of light in the process, DNA of exposed skin cells and surrounding tissue have been observed to be adversely affected. Profound changes have resulted from such treatments that have ruined all beauty of skin. Inflammation of skin and blemishes are observed.

As a responsible individual it is imperative that you take the time to be aware of all sides of the rubix cube that is your medical skin treatment. The quest for beautiful skin must not be all consuming, you must pay attention to the side effects of such medical processes as there are no clinical procedures without them. Weigh the pros cons and opt for it only if the risk involved is reasonable.

You will find that a better alternative is to take care of your skin early on and use natural and cosmetic cures for symptoms of aging on the skin. This not only effectively delays the onset of aging skin, but is without adverse side effects. It is advisable to avoid medical treatments that could only be more harmful than beneficial.


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