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Japanese Fashion is Already a Power House in the Fashion Industry

Blue Knit Elegant ShortOkay, so you probably already know that Asian fashion is one of the biggest new industries of today. You probably know that Asian fashion has some of the coolest looking new clothing that has been released recently. You probably know that Asian fashion is cheap, easily accessible, and that the quality of their products is good, and can be shipped to your front door step nearly as quickly as you can order it. And if you didn’t already know all these things, you certainly do now.

If you’ve done your research on Asian fashion, and if you are at all interested in it, you probably also already know that the main giants in the Asian fashion world are Korean fashion, and Japanese fashion, and that there are still some new up and comers making it onto the big scene, like China, or Thailand. But today I’m here to talk to you about the unstoppable powerhouse that is Japanese fashion. Japanese fashion was one of the first producers to latch onto the fast growing fashion industry, and they certainly took advantage of their roots in western pop culture to launch into the main stream Western fashion market. Japanese fashion is a power house in the fashion industry, and this certainly has its advantages if you are planning on buying any Japanese clothes.

For a small country, Japan is quite productive, and they are definitely quick to latch on to new ideas and products when they begin to become well liked. Just take a quick look at Japan’s main exports! Japan’s main exports are cars, computers and electronic devices, which are all relatively new products (apart from maybe cars) to become popular to consumers.

When the car was invented, Japan hopped right on the bandwagon and started producing cars as quickly as they could, and today popular car brands include Toyota, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, etc. And in the present day, the recent Information age has brought about a high demand for electronic products, such as smart phones, or tablets, or Apple products such as the I-pad, I-phone, or I-pod, all of which are produced most dominantly in Japan. As you can see, Japan is without a doubt quick to catch on. But how does this affect fashion? Well, because Japan was so quick to catch on to the increasingly popular Asian fashion market, it means that they are one of the oldest Asian fashion brands, making them one of the most experienced producers of Asian fashion, so you can be sure that what you are getting will be well liked.

This brings us to the other major advantage of Japanese fashion. When you think of Japanese clothes, you would most likely immediately think of the school girl look. This is because of the way Japanese culture is so ingrained into Western culture. New forms of entertainment such as J-Pop (Japanese pop) music have become popular in Western countries, and Japanese anime and manga is well liked as well. This is advantageous because it means Japanese clothes and Japanese fashion managed to quickly make its way into the main stream market using its pre-existing well ingrained roots in our culture, which all leads up to the fact that when you wear Japanese fashion, your friends will like the way you look.


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