LBD For Your Body Shape

Choosing The Perfect LBD For Your Body Shape

LBD For Your Body Shape

Whether you are planning a night on the town or you are heading on a trip with some formal responsibilities, you cannot go wrong by packing a little black dress, now known among sophisticated women simply as the LBD. The right LBD can pack a significant visual punch, so remember that you should choose the one that works for you. The classic lines of an LBD flatter everyone, but there are a few things that you should consider.

One Revealing Feature:

Part of the fun of an LBD is that it’s both classy and sexy. However, it is far too easy to go overboard on how much skin you show, particularly if you need the dress for a formal function. Think about one feature that you want to highlight and go with that. For example, if you want to show off your legs, choose an LBD with a slit up one side and keep the neckline relatively demure. This gives the dress a certain amount of subtlety that is fantastic for all occasions.

Playing Up The Pear:

If you are pear-shaped, you carry your weight on your thighs and your hips. While some women bemoan this shape, the truth of the matter is that it is a fantastic candidate for a dressy LBD. Choose a dress that has a very fitted top and swishy bottom. The skirt portion of the dress should just skim your hips; if it clings anywhere below your waist, pass it up and choose another. This gives you a fantastically womanly shape that is sure to catch the eye.

Apple-Shaped Splendor:

If you have an apple shape, typically that means that you carry your weight around your midline. It is easy for a apple-shaped woman to allow her waist to disappear, but the right LBD doesn’t permit that. Choose a charming LBD with an empire waistline. This type of dress is fitted directly under the breasts, creating a break along the torso. Similarly, choose a dress that falls to mid-thigh or mid-calf, s this gives an apple-shaped woman the most height.

Triangulating on the Triangle:

Triangle-shaped women are busty on top with relatively narrow hips. If you are a woman with a triangle shape, remember to consider an LBD that is relatively short; it reveals the legs and takes some of the visual pressure off of your top. Long sleeves and a low neckline are two great features for an LBD for a triangle-shaped woman.

Time for the Hourglass:

A woman with an hourglass shape is fairly busty with a small waist and wider hips. The key to making an LBD look good on this kind of figure is fit. The dress, no matter how long or short it is, should be well fitted to the bust, the hips and the waist. Two out of three does not cut it. If necessary, buy a dress that fits the largest dimension well, and then have the rest altered to suit.

When you are thinking about hitting the town or you are headed to a public function, remember that an LBD is your best friend!


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