Vintage Sterling Silver Jewelry

Tips When Buying Vintage Sterling Silver Jewelry

If you’re searching for a quick way to spice up your evening gown or everyday office gear then having a set of jewelry pieces could be the answer you were looking for. Jewelry comes in a myriad of shapes and sizes, each piece with its own unique aesthetic and market value. However, more than a simple gold bracelet or sterling silver ring, jewelry pieces could be considered as a financial investment.

Some of the most sought after jewelries today are vintage jewelry items. But what exactly is vintage jewelry? Being labeled as vintage simply means that the jewelry item was made between 1940 and 1980’s. Antique jewelries on the other hand are at least a century old.

Vintage Sterling Silver Jewelry

Identifying vintage jewelry pieces could be very difficult even for the most seasoned jewel appraiser. How could you differentiate a 5 year old sterling silver bracelet from a vintage jewelry item? Silver is silver and there is just no way you could tell the item’s age by looking at it.

The only way to identify vintage jewelry is through proper documentation or certification by a jewel expert. A great place to get hold of these jewel items is through a reputable auction. These are professionals who go into great lengths to verify the authenticity of their auctioned items. Never sacrifice price for authenticity. Sure there are cheaper vintage jewelries in the market but this also increases your risks considerably.

If you want to take a more direct approach in identifying then research would be your best approach. Carefully examine the piece and look for any identifying mark. This might be the jeweler’s mark and could help you identify the item better. Search the jewelry item from the designer’s old catalogues. Big name jewelers on the other hand maintain company websites that give you easy access to all their jewelry items.

When purchasing vintage jewelry from a friend, you could simply ask the name of the jewel maker. After all, he wouldn’t be labeling his sterling silver bracelet as vintage without knowing its prior history. If this is a big ticket item then it would be prudent to have it verified. You might end up inheriting a bad jewelry purchase.

Quality craftsmanship can enhance the value of any jewelry item. Things to look out for when buying vintage sterling silver jewelry pieces include inspecting the general condition of the item. Look for signs of damage or repairs. Any imperfection can have a substantial effect on the overall value of the jewelry. If the jewelry contains stones, check if they are properly aligned or secured.

If you’re sterling silver jewelry contains precious stones or gems then having these examined should give you a better idea of the item’s true value. Having this appraised by a professional ensures that you are getting your money’s worth.

Purchasing jewelry could be a wise financial investment. Its value grows with time and having a few pieces could help you build a more secure future. Of course there is also the benefit of having these precious items available when attending a formal occasion.

The best tip however when buying sterling silver jewelry is to purchase only those you intend to use. There’s no use having jewelry items when they are only collecting dust in your jewelry collection.


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