Alicia Keys

Cocktail Dresses for Engagement Parties

The term cocktail dress can be confusing. Because we are confused when it is specified in an invitation, we end up wearing the wrong type of dress to an engagement party. Imagine yourself entering the party and discovering that you are under-dressed. That’s the worst feeling in the world. And what’s certain is, if you could, you’d make a fast exit. But since you’re a guest you can’t just run out of the party.

To prevent this from happening, get your facts straight. What exactly is a cocktail dress? Looking for the definition online doesn’t help in any way. One site even says that a cocktail dress is open to a lot of fashion interpretation. That definition alone will leave you more confused than ever because it doesn’t define anything.

Simply put, a cocktail dress should have the feel of a formal gown except that it’s not floor length.

The ubiquitous little black dress is a perfect example of a cocktail dress. It is your quickest solution to the cocktail dress dilemma if you don’t have the time to hunt for one and a special occasion is looming. Just when you think the little black dress can be staid, it is reinvented yet again on the red carpet.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys goes for an ultra-modern and strong silhouette. Her padded and sculpted capped sleeves give her sleek LBD that added punch. This is proof that an innovative detail can change a conventional little black dress into a statement attire.

When we talk of ultra-modern attires we’re usually talking of something sleek and strong. This may mean that your little black dress will depend on an expert hand to set it apart from poorly made lbd’s that won’t even do justice to your shape. If you don’t know it yet, the sleek LBD is a tricky little rascal. Why? Since, it is so simply cut every little tailoring flaw will become obvious. So you may have to make a major fashion investment or use your fashion smarts to track down quality yet affordable retail sites.

Going with a strong, sleek style will require that you choose accessories that will make the same fashion statement. Large yet modern neckpieces will be perfect for this LBD (Little Black Dress) style. Stick to pointy heels just like Ms. Keys to complete your ultra-glam look.

Little White Dresses

If black can be strong, white can be soft. LWD’s (Little White Dresses) spell romantic and soft in a way no other dress can. A little white dress can be tight on top with a loose and flowing skirt that billows around the knee. This soft silhouette makes it flattering on all womanly body types. If you’re set on wearing a little white dress to a special occasion, you can accessorize with nude or blush heels if you want to project a sweet fashion image. Or you can glam up your lwd with gold details for that large dose of fearless sophistication. Large gold earrings and no other piece of jewelry would be the perfect touch to keep your lwd from looking too plain.

Taylor Swift’s little white dress shines sweetly on the red carpet. The sweetheart neckline, sheer strap panels and billowy skirt is a classic that will always make the right statement at any event. It is special enough to wear to any occasion that requires a more formal style. And it will always make the grade if you’re somewhat doubtful about what proper cocktail dresses are all about.

Silvery gray dress

A silvery gray dress has been making the fashion rounds lately. The New York set has somehow made this dress an elegant yet modern version of the cocktail dress. But before you brush off the silvery gray dress as something your granny would wear, think again. The new styles are exciting, au courant and oh so sexy BUT in a very posh way. So if you want to stand out in a party crowd, do a JLo!

Her one shoulder, body-aware, ruched, and silvery gray cocktail dress adds a subtle shimmer to any night event. You can accessorize with silver if you want just like Jennifer. Silver is elegant in an understated way and won’t overwhelm any cocktail outfit.

If you’re thinking of doing a gold number because silvery gray metallics are accepted, don’t go there. Gold numbers are simply too ostentatious and in bad taste for events that require you to wear a cocktail dress.


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