Cat Eye Glasses for Women

Latest eyewear trend for fall!

As tan lines start to fade and evenings become cool, get ready to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Yes, fall is arriving soon and while that means no more extended beach fun days, no more hot summer nights and no more time spent on rooftop decks, it also is a time for exciting new fashion trends.

From dark red to turquoise, the colors of fall are just so awesome. By investing in some new basics season to season, you can keep your look fresh and trendy. A quirky cluster of sophisticated options – and a few statement pieces will stylize your wardrobe. Fall is the season of fashion flair, colorful outfits and funky wardrobes.

This fall 2012, discover an overwhelming range of stylish eyeglasses.

Cat eye glasses: –

Cat Eye Glasses for Women

Cat eye glasses are all the rage this fall! They’re back and they seem to be the center of conversation among fashionistas. A fusion of the lower curves of wayfarers and the angular style of 50’s women’s sunglasses, cat eye frames create a bold fashion statement. Sultry, flirty, feminine, and quirky, these glasses add a touch of vogue to an already sophisticated outfit. Match them up with your favorite pair of jeans, cropped leather jacket or a black stocking to get an ultimate diva look.

Oversized glasses: –

Oversized glasses

Many trends in fashion have come and gone throughout the years but one that seems to be staying around a bit longer than most are oversized glass. The best thing about this trend is it does not seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon and it is a look that suits almost everyone of any age!  This trend started almost a decade ago by fashion icon Marilyn Monroe is still keeps popping up each season. Apart from being a golden oldie, oversized glasses are handy accessories for those who want to accentuate their looks. This fall 2012, create bold and bright statement with oversized glasses.

Aviators: –

Aviators Glasses

The classic look of Aviators has been around forever, and the fact they’ve stuck around shows us just how trendy and fashionable they are. Stylistically oriented for men’s fashion, these frames accentuate the jaw line and the cheek bones. Recently, aviators have found a large market in women’s fashion, with celebs like Rihana and Sarah Jessica being seen in some stunning aviator pieces. Charming & appealing, aviators go well with business suits, sport-wear, and casual jeans alike, providing a vintage, modish as well as a professional look.


Geek chic glasses: –

Geek Chic Glasses

Whether you like the nerdy look or not, this fall 2012 the geek chic look will be a big hit. The thick/thin, rimmed, rimless; geek chic glasses are seen on a slew of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Anne Hathaway and music diva Madonna

By wearing these geeky glasses, you can pull off not only a more intellectual, sharp, smart professional look but also a stylish, sexy, soft, charming, and naturally glowing look. And guess what, depending on the way you carry off these glasses, they can make your face look smaller, eyes look bigger, and you look younger!

Wayfarer: –

Wayfarer Glasses

Boxy, oversized and dark, wayfarers are the perfect accessory to any vintage look. Exuding an off-beat, whimsical aura, wayfarer glasses prowl the edge of classic style with poised grace. Couple these with professional suits, military jackets, jeans or any of your favorite vintage outfit to complete the look. With many color possibilities, the frames fit in with any type of style. Although going with classic black is not a fashion faux pas, tiger printed have a touch of individuality. These multipurpose glasses not only protect your eyes from sun rays but also protect the eyes from the reflection caused by water, snow and glass. This fall 2012, enhance your image in no time with wayfarer!



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