Own Style For Women

How To Come Up With Your Own Style For Women

Own Style For WomenDressing in a way that is at once fashionable and trendy, while at the same time making sure that everything looks good on its own and works with your skin tone and your hair colour, is something of a struggle for a lot of women and a lot to juggle. Just blindly following the fashions won’t necessarily result in a look that’s particularly effective and though you may be bang on trend, you may risk looking awkward at the same time or just plain bad. The trick is to work the fashions into your own personal sense of style which should serve to give you an identity while at the same time ensuring that everything hangs together with a nice theme.

But how do you come up with your style and what do you do if nothing is leaping out at you? Here we will look at some of the ways you can design your own look that will help to give you a sense of individuality and that people can come to associate with you.

Some Basic Decisions

Before you get started there are some basic decisions that you need to make before you begin which will right away give your future decisions some consistency and help you to look different from everyone else. For example, you should choose early on whether you want to wear mostly gold or mostly silver jewellery. Making this decision early will help to inform your choice of clothes and will make it easier for people buying you gifts too. It will also mean that all of your items can be worn together without clashing horribly.

You should also decide what type of jewellery you like to wear. Are you someone who wants to jangle when you walk around and be covered from head to toe with colourful bangles and dangly bits, or are you someone who wants one or two subtle items of jewellery to attempt a more elegant look?

Next, you should try to decide what your best feature is. Most women will have a part of their body that they are most happy with, whether that’s their legs, their bum, their breasts or their flat stomach. Decide which feature you want to show off most often and then gear your future buying towards that – you shouldn’t attempt to show off more than one body part at once as you will end up just looking overly exposed.


Next you need to think about colours and having a signature colour is something that can right away make you easier to buy for and help people to associate you with a particular look. This signature colour should be one that you are happy to wear a lot and it should be one that goes well with your natural colouring.

Another consideration for your colour choice is whether or not it will go well with other colours. Many of the outfits you choose are going to be made up of a ‘base colour’ and a secondary colour that picks the other items out. If you choose red as your base colour this might make a very bold statement but at the same time it will be hard to choose secondary colours to go with it. If you’re wearing a red top then what cardigan can you wear over it and what jewellery? Better is to go for a more neutral base colour – like white – then use red as the secondary colour. If you can’t choose a signature colour to make your own though, then what’s also perfectly suitable is to choose between warm and cool, or light and dark. Do you want to wear lots of maroons, browns and deep reds (warm), or would you rather wear whites, light blues and silvers (cool). Likewise you might choose to be someone who wears a lot of patterns, someone who wears a lot of brands, or someone who wears a lot of bold colours.


Women Styles

The items of clothing you choose will also say a lot about you and you can again choose to make certain things you ‘signature’. This could mean for instance that you always wear one particular item and that you pick everything else to go around that (she always wears that faux leather jacket!), or you could choose to wear a certain type of clothing often – perhaps finishing every outfit off with a scarf, or with a big baggy jumper.


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