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5 Clothing Items that Work on Any Body Shape

Whether you’re fat or thin, hippy or chesty, short or tall, there are just some clothes that look good on anyone. Choosing the right style of clothing can be difficult and most of the time depends on what body type you have. However, there are at least five items of clothing that fit every body type and make you look and feel great.

1. Skinny Jeans

Skinny JeansThe number one clothing piece that looks great on any body type is skinny jeans. Skinny jeans mold to your body, and especially accentuate your legs. They can make a short stocky person look taller and thinner and a tall thin person look shapely.

2. T-Shirt

T-ShirtAnother wonderful clothing item that is both casual and comfortable and looks good on anyone is the t-shirt. As long as you get the right size for your body, anyone can look great in a t-shirt. If you are pear shaped, apple shaped, banana shaped or if you have the perfect hourglass figure, you can still look great in a t-shirt. With so many styles and colors to choose from out there, you can pretty much make an entire wardrobe out of them.

3. Pencil Skirt

Pencil SkirtLooking for something a little dressier? The pencil skirt is ideal, and fits any body type as well. Everyone should own at least one pencil skirt, for that special occasion when you want to look nice and feel pretty. Pencil skirts can make a short stocky person look taller and thinner or a tall thin person look shapely.

4. Wrap Around Dress

Wrap Around DressFor a night out on the town, the dress that will look best on any body type is the wrap around dress. It can show off your waste, even if you don’t believe you have one. The wrap around dress can also hide a multitude of bulges and accentuate your curves. It is especially nice for when you might feel a little bloated or full, you can just loosen it a little and it still looks wonderful.

5. Boot Cut Jeans

Boot Cut JeansNumber five for clothing items that fit any body type is the boot cut jean. With the tapered leg and the flare at the bottom, the boot cut jean looks not only stylish, but shows off your curves in the right way. As long as you get them in the right size, and don’t buy them a size too small, you will find that the boot cut jean is not only comfortable, but very stylish.

If you are figuring out how to count calories and trying to lose weight to look better in these clothing items keep these clothing items in mind because they will look good in any moment of your weight loss.


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