What She Wants

Diamond Engagement Rings: Discovering What She Wants

What She WantsAre you looking for ways to find out the type of engagement ring that she wants so that you can completely win her over, with your thoughtfulness and sensitivity? From whatever profession you belong to, you would need a bit of research, whenever you are proceeding with a certain action. Therefore, it is essential that when you are buying an engagement ring for the most important person in your life, which by the way, will be one of the most important memories for her, you should definitely do a bit of background research. After all, would you buy something for your house, without getting product knowledge? When you are getting a gift for someone, don’t you consider the type of things that the individual wants/likes? When you want to surprise her with an engagement ring, it is necessary that you understand the type of jewelry that she likes, and the type of engagement ring that she will prefer. Since diamond engagement rings simply are in fashion, you should narrow down your search to diamond rings. However, if you think that your search has become simple, you are completely wrong, because there are many different brands and styles of rings that are available in the market. You need to consider her choice, her lifestyle and her sense of fashion, before getting a ring for her. How do you find out, what exactly she wants? Well, you have to conduct a few simple tricks, in order to discover what she wants, so that you get the perfect thing for your perfect lady.

At this time, it is not even your budget that is widely important. You need to understand her jewelry preferences, her style and her personality before you make the huge dive into buying her the engagement ring, which, just to remind you, she will wear for the rest of her life, every DAY. So, it definitely needs to be perfect! Don’t pressurize yourself. Since you love her, you will know much about her already, or at least you can easily gain access to her friends and family, who would definitely love to help you out. Combine some research and a few techniques, and you will find out the exact thing that she wants.

Search around!

You need to search around a lot, when you want to find the perfect ring. The first place, where you should look for is her jewelry box. Notice carefully the types of earrings, necklaces and rings that are present inside. What sort of diamonds does she wear? What shape? Are they round, or pear, or rectangle? Does she have jewelry, which is bold, or some jewelry, which is delicate? You have to make sure that you buy her the stuff accordingly then. Is there more silver or gold in the jewelry? There are big chances that you will find a similarity and consistency in her jewelry choice. If there isn’t, and she has many diverse jewelry, then it means that she can carry off different styles. You may also ask her best friends, or her family about the type of jewelry that she prefers. Does she have a favorite retailer? Has she ever swooned over any ring in a particular shop? You should perhaps retrace your memory, as well. She may have done it with you, as well.

Ask her indirectly

You cannot just go and ask her the type of ring that she wants. This will completely kill the surprise for her. You may ask her indirectly about the ring she prefers, by helping her with her jewelry when she is dressing up, or simply just ask her, if any of her friends have been engaged recently, and the type of rings that her friends have. You will definitely find something worthwhile.

Find out her finger size

Once you have the information about the type of style that she prefers for diamond engagement rings, you have to find out her ring size. After all, she wouldn’t exactly look good in a loose ring, which has a chance of being lost. Or you wouldn’t want to give her a tight ring, which will not even fit in her finger? Therefore, make sure that you have the ring size. Find a ring in her jewelry box, and get it matched from the retailer. Many online engagement rings you can find here.

Don’t want her suspicious?

You may simply buy online, so that you do not have to venture to jewelry shops around the mall. If you live in a small town, chances are that the news will filter through to her. Therefore, you will have an amazingly huge collection online, and you will easily be able to find out the perfect ring for your lovely lady.

Communication is Important

Once you have realized that you want to marry this girl, it means that you have a good relationship. Therefore, it means that you communicate well with her. Hence, you will know the type of ring that she wants. She might have mentioned to you, when there was a discussion about a newly engaged friend. Women like to talk, and she would have talked about rings, as well.


Hence, it is crucial to find out the EXACT type of ring that she wants, because this will be the most important moment in her life, and she would want to remember it always, with a smile on her face. The ring will be a constant reminder of the love that you have for each other. Therefore, make sure that you get her exactly what she wants and deserves!

Guest article written by Dennis from Houston jewelry store Whiteflash – best provider of loose diamonds for engagement rings.


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