Dress Guide For Every Girl
Dress Guide For Every Girl

Dress Guide For Every Girl

Prom season is always an exciting time for high school girls. It’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and the glam of the evening, but a lot of planning and preparations have to be made before the fun can start.

The key ingredient to a perfect prom is finding the perfect dress! With so many options to choose from, many girls quickly become overwhelmed and find it difficult narrowing down their options. The perfect dress is out there, ladies! It really comes down to what will fit your style.

If you’re worried or confused about where to even begin, use this guide as a starting point. Fear not! There are hundreds of designs out there modeled to fit every kind of personality and style. Keep reading to learn about prom dresses ideal for every kind of girl.

  • Girly Girl. If you consider your style to be feminine and charming, you have a bubbly personality, and you’re in tune with your feminine side, look for cute prom dresses this year– something that’s modest but will make you feel confident and girly! Cute prom dresses are fun and flirty. Tulle skirts and soft embellishments are usually key elements of a girly prom dress, like this Morrell Maxie Ball Gown.
  • The Diva. This elegant girl probably wants to make a statement and is looking for a design that will help her stand out from the crowd at prom. If this sounds like you, try looking for elegant prom dresses that will help you achieve that glamorous look that you desire – they usually feature intricately beaded bodices and enchanting necklines, like this Simple High-Neck Dress by Dave and Johnny.
  • These girls are always on top of the latest fashion trends and want to wear a dress that’s different but sweet for prom. These fashion-forward ladies should aim for unique prom dresses that will help them shine on their big night. Styles like this Tiffany prom dress are perfect with their soft eye-catching details and flattering silhouette.
  • Plain Jane. This girl is comfortable and classic with her style, and probably wants to make a timeless entrance at prom; this is where simple prom dresses come in. Don’t be mistaken by the name, these dresses are chic with their ageless flair, and can make even the most reserved girl feel like a prom queen. These dresses are usually adorned with modest embellishments, like this Formal Gown by Blush.
  • Classy Girl. If you feel at your best when you are dressed with poise and grace, you will be immediately drawn to pretty prom dresses. These dresses are sleek and polished, and will ensure that your fashion is as distinguished as you are. These styles are finished with refined statement details, like embroidered appliqués or a beaded collar, as seen in this Madison James dress.

Follow these tips to find the prom dress of your dreams in 2016! Remember – if you stay true to yourself and your personal style, you’re going to feel fabulous in anything that you wear.


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