Red Lipstick Makeup
Red Lipstick Makeup

Best Red Lipstick Shades for Your Complexion

Red lipstick has a special place in any cosmetics set. The same product defined many key moments of the 20th and 21st century with its classic style and red-hot attractiveness. Since the age of the pinup girls and the classic Hollywood glamor, red lipstick has been the king of makeup. Recently, even science corroborated this idea by finding out that men are more willing to approach a woman who is wearing this shade of lipstick than any other.

But, at the same time, finding the best red lipstick might not always be the easiest things in the world. While the strong red tone, worn by women like Rita Hayworth seems brilliant on her, it might not work that well on other women. Because of this, lips makeup has to carefully determine the red lipstick tone according to the woman’s skin tone and complexion. Here are the red tones that will compliment practically any woman in the world.

Fair Complexion

For a complexion that sways toward the fair color of skin, the cherry color is ideal. Cherry reds that are based on the blue underlining composition will work wonderfully with fair skin. In this case, the lips makeup tip is to make the lips practically pop out with this tone. At the same time, the same tone will provide the women’s teeth with a brighter look, which is always a good bonus. With a little black liner, black mascara and some pink blush, the entire makeup can be completed.

Medium Complexion

For a medium complexion, the ideal choice for lips makeup is orange-red. This strong and vivid color is always a sight to behold and it works great with a warm complexion like the medium one Most makeup artists suggest using a bit of blue to break down the intensity of the color tone. But, those who feel adventurous should go with only orange-red.

Olive Complexion

An olive complexion is often a big challenge when it comes to lipstick makeup choices. But, the answer for this type of skin is to go for a soft coral red lipstick tone. With some stronger pink undertones that carry more flavors, the coral red can come to live. This color tone does not only underline the olive complexion but actively works to further improve it.

Dusky Complexion

With darker and dusky complexion, the lips makeup color of choice should be the tangerine. While it might seem wrong on many other skin tones, here it works like a charm, especially in tandem with a liner in a similar tone. The liner should be applied with plenty of force, making sure it remains in place because it brings out the tangerine of the lips in their full capacity. Any dusky complexion will be perfectly complimented by its presence.

Of course, in any of these categories, women can and should experiment with slightly different tones of any given color and find what works best for them. Naturally, the effectiveness of any cosmetic product is a combined result of many factors, including personal style, the situation in which the makeup is worn and many others. But, there should be no doubt that with these ideas, anyone can find the best possible solution for their skin complexion when they choose their perfect red lips makeup products.


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