Slimming Coverage Tankini & Swim Short
Slimming Coverage Tankini & Swim Short

Summer 2016 is coming. Are you ready?

With the first ray of sunshine, you become aware of the fact that summer is coming sooner than you want it and you do not feel fit enough for a swimsuit. While embarking on cardio-based training and eating less, the very thought of buying swimwear seems painful to you and you avoid searching for the right one thinking there is a limited number of those you might actually like and seem flattering in.

Despair No More – Plus Size is the New Black

Full Cup Swimsuit Complete with Aros
Full Cup Swimsuit Complete with Aros

Being a plus size used to mean that your choice of clothing is not as versatile as it should be, but what do the latest trends suggest? You are lucky – fashion industry has changed and plus size models are all the rage at runways this year. Consequently, retailers have become aware of the business potential introducing plus size models has and now they offer a wide range of both bold and edgy bikinis and colourful curve-flattering bathing suits.

From Mission Impossible to Mission Mesmerizing

Control swimsuit with versatile Falda
Control swimsuit with versatile Falda

Although in the past you could only find dull unattractive old-fashioned ones you did not feel like going in out in the public, the fact that plus size is now bigger than ever has brought up summer 2016 swimwear trends which are bursting with outrageous and comfortable pieces that will definitely boost your confidence. If you like the retro vibe, treat yourself with a gorgeous tummy flattering monokini with vibrant colours.

What is more, if you fancy bikinis, but have not yet found a supportive enough one which will boost your self-confidence and put you in the spotlight, this year’s plus size swimwear trends are tailored just for you. Are you all about flower power? You can indulge yourself in multi-coloured pieces of a different shape that have enhanced strap support. Firm slimming torso-covering pieces that are sensational accompanied with ingenious tropic prints will hide your tiny imperfections while giving you maximum comfort and support.

Bottoms Go Convertible

2016 trends are all about hip hugging convertibility, adjustable bottoms give you the long-sought-after possibility to convert your swimsuit to fit your curves in many ways and suit all the necessary occasions. There is also hype over mono-coloured bottoms which can be matched with whatever high-contrast top you feel like rocking at the beach or pool. With a large number of possible outfit combinations, these timepieces are here to stay, so investing in them now will prove cost-effective in the foreseeable fashion future.

Nail that Look

Whatever your choice of weapon for attracting attention during summer 2016 while feeling blissful may be, with trends so adaptable and statement pieces of swimwear available, you cannot but rock the latest looks runways imply. The curve-friendly bathing suits have already hit the shelves so you need not wait for the summer to buy the right fitting one. Invest in updated staples that are comfortable and pair them with complementary statement necklaces or standout earrings that will give you an instant confidence boost. You do not need to go only for beach sandals or flip flops, wedges will turn your silhouette into a star of the day, and with a quick fix of adding an additional item of clothing, you are quickly ready to go from day to night events.

Do not forget eyewear, it will give the final touch to your mesmerizing look and show what a fashionista you are, so go for all-black aviators with minimal metal details. You are only a couple of months away from the sun-kissed skin, so be sure to treat your body with a gorgeous swimsuit you would be thrilled to feel lapping of waves against.


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