How to Wear Jeans

Dress Like A Star – How to Wear Jeans in Smart Casual Outfits

How to Wear JeansPeople love jeans for their versatility, which takes them among the basic reference pieces in everyone’s wardrobe. When it comes to ladies, jeans are part of that special category of must-have pieces, which also include leather jackets, stiletto shoes or black dresses. For instance, you will most likely keep your favorite skinny jeans even when their teenage style is no longer flattering your silhouette or dressing style. Jeans have an emblematic status in the fashion world and have contributed to building a new look for the modern woman – a fundamentally urban and irreversibly modern outfit.

The smart casual style is widely adopted by everyone, including celebrities, fashion designers, bloggers and the list can go on. Most people count on international brands when picking their clothes or accessories. Jeans represent the middle piece in a smart casual outfit, but also the border between an elegant style and a daily relaxing one.

Boyfriend Mania and Masculine Influences…

A minimalist style with masculine influences will always make the difference. Although this style is quite popular, a few ladies can actually tell they adopt it. It might be masculine, but it looks great on any lady. The coats with a comfortable cut and the one-piece tops will underline your easiness when building the casual daily looks. Some skinny jeans and medium heels represent the dose of femininity you can use to condiment your outfit. The accessories are also minimal and not too diversified. A pair of glasses and an oversized bag might be more than enough.

Office Accessories, Geometry and Minimalism…

It sounds hard to believe, but a smart casual style may also gather together clothes and accessories inspired from the classic masculine wardrobe. However, when you opt for an office outfit, you need to stick to it from top to bottom. This style does not leave room for unusual combinations. Combining a pair of black leather shoes and an oversized bag with some dark classic jeans will ensure a smart casual outfit. Keep in mind that everything stays in the minimalism. Avoid the exaggerations with various accessories or nuances. The geometry is just as important, so try to underline a few elements. If you can replace a regular bag with an envelope one, you can congratulate yourself on an excellent decision.

Statement Jewelry and Colorful Accents…

If you want to assort your favorite black jeans with a colorful spot, a statement necklace might be your most appropriate solution. The combination between an office shirt and jeans reunites the smart and casual concepts. Such an outfit will easily demonstrate the versatility of your basic pieces. However, most ladies forget about one essential element – a modern accessory. A flavor of modernism is a must in customizing the outfit. It can be anything, as long as it will draw some attention. For instance, some animal print shoes with a high platform could represent the modernist factor. You do not necessarily have to adopt these ideas, but just understand the basic rules in this concept and adapt them to your current wardrobe.

Cold Extravagance and Rock Chic Details…

You do not need any experience or knowledge in fashion to transform a pair of classic and simple jeans into an autumn outfit that can draw the attention through a chromatic naturalness and an impeccable combination of textures. The sense for fashion is more than enough and even when you miss it, you can always learn from others. The jeans color is irrelevant, as long as it is light and warm. On the other hand, the rock chic accessories represent the strongest points that can make the difference. Your options are widely diversified. For instance, a jacket with leather sleeves is an excellent idea, while if you count on jewelry; an oversized necklace represents the right answer. If you never really cared for this style and you miss such accessories, you are free to underline it through your bag too, but only with some opulent details.

A few other similar ideas may include:

  • Color blocking outfits
  • Daring color combinations

Jeans represent that piece in your wardrobe that can stand by your side throughout an entire day, regardless of how many outfits you choose to change. Jeans can easily find room in your dressing style. Adopt a smart casual look worth a star and come up with innovative combinations by experiencing the minimalist ideas and extravagant details.


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