Fall 2012 Fashion

Fall 2012 Fashion

There are so many trends for Fall 2012 that it is almost impossible to keep track of them all.

Just try these on for size: cozy sweaters paired with dazzling skirts and silky printed pants, statement coats including the legendary navy-blue peacoat, baseball caps, bedazzled collars, pointy pumps, peplum, crafty quilted fabrics, bright color (as a complement to black of course), dark red and purple shades, geometric prints, head-to-toe patterns (especially florals), fur and exotic wools such as angora, mohair and cashmere, and large handbags from diverse material combinations.

Is that enough to keep you busy till Fall 2013? I thought so. So to make life easier, let’s take a look at what you will be accessorizing these trends with in the way of jewelry. The Fall 2012 jewelry trends are thankfully not as plentiful as the clothing but there is more than enough to keep life interesting.Fall 2012 Fashion

The Fall 2012 jewelry palette is rather restrained and conservative but with a few colorful surprises. The colors to be seen in this Fall are natural and earthy, neutral and flesh-like, with specific colors of tangerine, brown, rose, cream, white, beige, gray, emerald, and turquoise.

Not listed in the colors above though is the must-have color – purple. Purple when combined with yellow or rose gold is going to be height of jewelry chique. The ever-popular black is also a standout color. Pink, blue, yellow, and green will also be seen this Fall but in more suppressed shades.

Now that we have color covered, what are the actual trends in which these colors will be utilized? The trends this Fall are as diverse as the colors, everything from nature to disco, tribal to military, with a little vintage thrown in for good measure.

The nature trend comprises not only the earthy colors but also use of material such as of wood, shells, coral, feathers, and suede. Contrast this with the disco trend of geometric shapes, chandelier earrings, and collar necklaces in matrixed enamel or soft polished gold and silver. Of course, what would disco jewelry be without animal skin jewelry?

This Fall, Shaka Zulu lives in harmony with the more modern fighting forces. The tribal theme will be prominent in the colors of dark red, blue, green, and brown. If you really want to make an impression, a piece of tribal jewelry with a loose red diamond will make you the center of attention wherever you are. Red diamonds are amongst the rarest of stones and many diamond dealers have not even laid their eyes on one. The contrast with the tribal design would be truly stunning.

The military trend is reflected in such pieces such as medallions, gold buttons, stars, and epaulettes. They will be seen in the colors of green, tan, white, navy, and of course, gold.

When I hear people talking about the 70s, I suddenly start to feel very old; however those are the vintage years referred to in the vintage jewelry trend. I suppose this is keeping with the disco trend. Vintage jewelry includes jewelry in geometric shapes as well as studs and collar necklaces.

Come to think of it, the Fall jewelry trends are just about as diverse in style and color as the clothing trends. And I thought I was going to make your lives easier…


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