Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

What Every Guy Should Know about Engagement Rings

Weddings are once in a lifetime events which should be paid a lot of attention to. For most guys, it will be their very first time to purchase jewellery. It might even be their first time to enter the jewellery store. For a lot of men, it can be very unnerving, especially when they realize the fact that the happiness of the woman whom they so dearly love will depend very much on the ring they pick.

When it comes to engagement rings, diamond rings are always the first choice. Diamond engagement rings are apt representations of a man’s love for your bride to be. Before making any purchase which is as important and as expensive as diamond rings, it is vital that a man understands the significance and symbol of the ring.

There are 4 things which you must look at when buying an engagement ring and they are carat, color, clarity and cut. These are terms which people have heard over and over again but do not have a clear idea of. Getting diamond education before you start buying is absolutely a must. Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

It is important to choose the ring’s setting wisely. There is an endless choice of standard and custom settings available for engagement rings today. When looking at ring settings, some of the most common things you will hear are flush, bar, tension, prong and channel. Prong happens to be the most popular setting.

Engagement rings are made using different kinds of metals and they are yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Platinum is the most expensive metal and one of the most durable. Yellow gold remains very popular today and can be bought in 14 or 18 carat varieties. It is easy to repair but it is not as durable as platinum. White gold has a look which is very similar to silver but the appearance tends to wear off with time.

One of the many things which must not be forgotten when buying diamond engagement rings is the certificate of appraisal.  This will certify that your diamond ring is authentic and if you need to insure your purchase, the certificate will confirm its value. In the United States, the certificate is issued by the American Gem Society of AGS. Sometimes the Gemological Institute of America or GIA also issues the certificate. These organizations are the most trusted.

It is also a good idea to buy engagement rings from jeweller’s or stores which offer some kind of guarantee or warranty. Some shops offer a limited warranty while others offers lifetime warranty.

There are many places to go to when choosing where men can get diamond engagement rings. Most large cities have jewellery stores and there are also various online merchants to choose from. The caveat with purchasing diamond rings from online stores is the fact that you do not get to see and examine the rings up close and personal. Most of the time there are difference to how objects appear on pictures and in reality. The ring which you picked online may not look the same in personal. So, it is best to go to stores and check rings first before you pay for them.


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