Fabulous Gift Ideas for Mother

The Holidays Are Approaching! 7 Fabulous Gift Ideas For The Fashionable Expectant Mother

Fabulous Gift Ideas for MotherAs the season for giving draws nearer and nearer, you are probably wondering what to give your friends and loved ones this holiday season. Although deciding what to give just any loved one can be puzzling, deciding what to give the fashionable, expectant mothers out there can be especially difficult to decide on. Fortunately, we have seven great gift ideas for all the expecting fashionistas out there.

1. Maternity Compression Tights

A great gift for an expectant mother would definitely be a pair of maternity tights. Not only are these stockings fashionable, but there are health benefits to wearing them as well. These tights can provide better leg circulation, therefore reducing leg swelling. They can also prevent and treat varicose veins.

2. Baby Carriers

Another attractive and useful gift idea would be a sling carrier for the baby. These nifty little baby carriers come in all sorts of colors and designs for baby girls and boys. These carriers are not only stylish, but they keep the little one safe and allow parents to do chores around the house hands free, without having to put the baby down.

3. Maternity Clothing

An excellent choice for expecting fashionistas would be clothing from the Marisol Rodriquez “Skin” collection. These are a great choice because mothers can wear this brand of clothing even before conception up until the baby’s delivery date. The “Skin” collection has many fashionable options. Each article of clothing from this collection has neat cutouts around the midsection that expands as the baby grows.

4. Maternity Bathing Suit

For fashionable soon-to-be mommies out there who will be pregnant during the summer months, buy her something she will truly appreciate: a maternity bathing suit. The GAP Halter Tankini is an excellent choice in maternity bathing suits. This is because it is not only very attractive, but it has built in SPF 50 protection as well.

5. Pregger-friendly Flats

At some point during pregnancy, even the most committed followers of fashion will want to trade her stilettos in for something more comfortable. However, just because she has to trade in her favorite shoes doesn’t mean her new ones have to be unattractive. A great gift idea would be a new pair of flats. These will look and feel great. The raised heels can help relieve joint and back pain.

6. Maternity Bra

Something that every expectant woman needs is a fitting and stylish maternity bra. These bras will provide the most support and comfort possible for growing, pregnant bodies. You may even want to consider purchasing a nursing bra. Not only do these bras provide support and comfort, but they also have an opening in the cup for feeding.

7. Maternity Jeans

Finally, one of the most important items that you could purchase for an expectant mother is a pair of stylish maternity jeans. Undoubtedly, mamas to be will have to trade their favorite jeans for a pair of maternity pants. A pair of these will keep expectant mothers out there looking and feeling like the fashionistas they are. Not only do these maternity jeans look great, but they can be found at discount prices as well.

Although there are several great gift ideas here, there are many others available as well. Whether you purchase one of these gifts or all of them, the mommy-to-be will be eternally grateful to you for not only making her looking fabulous throughout her pregnancy, but for helping her remain comfortable as well.


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