Hoodies are Fashion’s Favorite New Trend

Hoodies have in recent seasons become not just the wear of the teenage hormone-ranging boys, nor the exclusive reserve of skate park devotees. It has become a fashion staple making several showings on the runways.

It’s interesting to see how everyone, fashion bloggers, style influencers, celebrities are embracing this trend.

Talking of celebrities,

Ariana Grande Hoodies

Ariana Grande was spotted sometime in the past, stepping out in an oversized hooded sweater that has got fans gushing over the look and scrambling to get the same look.

And if the report from Lyst, a global fashion search engine, is anything to go by, then we have on our hands a new trend. According to the fashion search platform, after Ariana came out with her hooded sweater look, inquiries for the oversized hood shoot up by 130 percent as against the same time last year.

It’s safe to say the renewed interest in hoodies can in part be attributed to the influence of streetwear on high fashion – what was Ariana thinking to be seen in a hoodie, if it wasn’t cool to wear?

Mind you; it is a good thing. It’s hoodie after all – an iconic piece of comfort, warmth, ease, and one you don’t even have to try too much to impress in.

Plus, it can literally, pair well with any piece whether it is a thigh-high heeled boot, or worn with tight-fitting jeans and sneakers.

Here are a couple of ways to pair your dressing with ahegao hoodies and still slay it.

A versatile look that includes pairing your hoodie with a black leather skirt and flat shoes; if you would instead go with a heeled footie; the hoodie will still look right in place.

You can also wear a hoodie as part of your layering. Wear it as a shirt or sweater underneath a blazer which gives you that sophisticated look yet with a touch of moderation.

Pair it with a sneaker for a more laid-back look. It’s chic, relaxed in an effortless kind of way.

For the stylish male fashionista,

You may want to pair your hoodie with a pea coat for a casual, laid-back evening hangout feel. Though a pea coat offers a sharp, sophisticated look, wearing a hoodie is just the right piece to take the edge of the look.

Consider pairing your grey hoodie with a brown or black pea coat. Be sure though, to top off the look with more casual accompanies such as loose-fit baggy jeans and sneakers.

Wear an urban, retro look when you pair a denim jacket and hoodie. A clashing of American’s iconic handy work looks and cool, urbane laid-back style.

Though there are a lot of options available to choose from for the denim jacket; try going for a light blue option as it can pair well with a wide range of styles.

Pair your light blue denim jacket with a grey or black hooded sweater then complete the look with a black skin-tight pair of jeans and black leather boots for a dash of rock and roll attitude.


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