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The Hottest Eyewear Trends for 2014

social networks eyewearStay safe in the summer sunlight and stay on top of fashion with these designer sunglasses trends for 2014. It’s time to transform your eyewear wardrobe with unusual shapes, statement colours, pretty florals and a touch of the seaside. Let’s dive in to what’s hot and what’s not…

Social Media Savvy

There’s plenty to see on social networks: what your ex is doing, where your friend has been on holiday and what that girl from school is up to. But now this internet trend has taken hold of fashion and has found its way into the latest eyewear styles.
Inspired by the idea that our online world is only a distortion of real life, these frames are sleek and sexy. Look all ambiguous while viewing the world through Maui Jim’s and Carerras sepia, gold-tinted lenses. Or, quite literally “see the world through rose-tinted spectacles” with the new rose-tinted lens additions to O’Neill’s Driftwood range.

Get all Shapey

Is it possible to feel mathematical? Maybe so with the new algebraic eyewear look that’s hitting the catwalks. Shine is out, matte is in and bold, angular shapes feature strongly in these collections. Following the monochrome clothing fashion trend of the spring/summer season, Marni and Chloe have introduced an exciting new range of black and white, geometric frames. Plus, while Prada and Emporio Armani are also going neutral with their colours, the thick brow bars on their frames give a statement, robotic feel to your eyewear.

Seaside Style

sizzling summer eyewearWhen we think summer, we think sun, sand and the ocean, so it only seems inevitable that another sizzling summer eyewear style takes inspiration from the waves. Designers are introducing vibrant blues, teals and turquoises, mixing the ocean’s hues with simplicity for a clean look. The recent Vera Wang and Superdry eyewear collections include cloudy, glass textured frames to mimic the texture of the ocean while Prodesign are experimenting with partially clear frames to create a floating lens effect.

Fun Florals

Predictable but loved, florals are a year-in, year-out popular trend in the clothing and eyewear departments. Flowers are hitting frames hard and fast with styles that are bold, feminine and pretty.  Inspired by everything that is beautiful about blooming gardens and the great outdoors, collections feature bright pinks, deep greens and fancy embellishments. While Valentino’s frames are evocative of spring shrubbery, Dolce & Gabanna have introduced new and exciting flower-patterned prints.

Quirky brand, House of Holland, have gone a step further to add fantasy element to their designs with mirrored lenses. Plus, Alexander McQueen, Lafont and Kate Spade have all heavily adorned their eyewear with studs, sparkles and silhouettes for a glamorous twist.

What Else?

mathematical spin eyewearBlending 2013’s geek style with this year’s mathematical spin, Prada, among other eyewear designers, are introducing “false clip-on” frames. These collections have a simple design and include a thin bar across their brow-line to create the appearance that the lenses aren’t attached.

It’s also predicted that the classic Ray Ban frames will remain popular throughout the summer of 2014, alongside the flattering cat-eye shape. Oversized, 70s style round frames are also hitting the catwalk thick and fast.

Will you dare to sport a pair of geometrical frames or will you be sticking to a trusty pair of florals this summer? Leave us a comment telling us about your choice of eyewear for 2014…


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