How to Add Vintage Style to Your Home

How to Add Vintage Style to Your Home

There have been many TV shows and movies recently set in the 1950s and ’60s, which have brought the mid-century look back into style. The vintage look suits lots of different homes, from modern to historic, and it’s fairly easy to achieve with a few amendments.

6 Tips To Add Vintage Style to Your Home

Here’s how to add some vintage style to your own home.

1. Choose Vintage Colors

Vintage Color PalettesCertain color schemes just scream vintage, and sometimes when you see a room decked in a retro color palette, you instantly know which decade they’re channeling. For example, in the 1950s there were lots of blues and greens, especially duck egg blue, while 10 years later, colors became a lot bolder, though there were also lots of browns, oranges and mustard tones. Choose your colors carefully to evoke different decades.

2. Find Vintage Furniture

Find Vintage FurnitureWhile there are certainly lots of vintage-inspired pieces in furniture stores at the moment, you are better off scouring vintage markets for finds that you can upcycle. Think you don’t have any restoration skills? There are plenty of tutorials online so you can learn how to upholster, how to use chalk paint, and develop other skills that don’t take a lot of time or money. Best of all, you’ll have something unique that nobody else has.

3. Renovate in A Vintage Style

cast iron radiator minWhen it comes time to renovate your home, add fittings that have a vintage style, and you’ll have the perfect backdrop. For example, choosing sash windows or installing a cast iron radiator instantly adds vintage charm, and there are many products that have a retro style, yet work just as well as their modern counterparts.

4. Use Vintage Wallpapers Sparingly

Vintage Wallpapers Sparingly minIf you want a touch of vintage, yet don’t want to make your home look like a film set, you can create a feature wall with vintage wallpaper. Papering an entire room can look over the top and can be a little headache-inducing, but a simple colorful feature wall with an interesting pattern or texture can work wonders.

5. Find Some Vintage Fabrics

Vintage Fabrics-minShop at vintage markets, or even online, and you’ll be able to find copies of popular vintage designs. If you have some basic sewing skills, you can create cushions and throws, or even try your hand at making some interesting drapes. This is much less expensive than buying vintage style homeware.

6. Shop For A Few Accent Pieces

Accent Pieces carriage clock minCluttering your home with antiques won’t make it look classic, just dusty and old, so stick to a few vintage pieces that you love. Whether it’s a carriage clock, ceramic vase, or retro toy, adding a few items from the decade of your choice can give your home real vintage appeal, and gives your guests something to talk about.

When you go for a vintage look, you don’t want it to be too over the top; otherwise, it looks too much like a themed room. However, a few subtle accents and some vintage colors and fabrics will evoke the style of the decade, while ensuring that space is comfortable and livable.


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