Types of Blankets

Which Type of Blanket Will Keep You Warmth?

Winter is around the corner and the only thing you will be looking out for are blankets for your home. Instead of spending hours at a store, you can try to get the best blanket online with a discounted price in the winter season. You will be finding a wide range of blankets available under one roof. You will also be surprised to know the different types of blankets that are available. This will make it easier for you to decide, which one to shop for, pertaining to your requirements.

Different Types of Blankets for Home

1. Throw blankets

Throw blanketsGenerally, these throw blankets are light weighted but there are also some which come in a heavier version. If you are feeling cold, despite normal temperatures, this is the blanket to opt for. They will keep you warm while not suffocate you at the same time. You can also style your house with thrown blankets giving it a boho theme.

2. Fleece blankets

Fleece blanketThese are thinner and smaller as compared to throw blankets. These blankets are usually not used on the bed as they are short. They can be used while you are watching TV in your living room on the couch. They come in a soft fabric but will not provide you with the needed warmth if it gets very cold.

3. Afghan Crocheted Blankets

Afghan BlanketThese are actually knitted or crocheted blankets that are made with some type of yarn. But if you want to shop for these, you must know that the Afghan Blankets will not provide the needed warmth as they have holes all over them.

4. Security Blankets

Security BlanketThese blankets are for those who have children in the house. These may be full-size blankets but they may also be smaller pieces of cloth that a child loves to keep with them or that makes them feel comfortable.

5. Quilt

Quilt BlanketYou all know that a quilt is a handmade blanket. Usually, grandmas love to make them for their kids during the winter months. The best part about this is that different fabrics can be used to make them, such as cotton or pieces of denim. If you want a thin quilt you can sew the pieces directly together. If you want a thicker one, you can add some cotton or woolen stuffing in the middle before sewing it.

6. Duvet

Duvet BlanketThis blanket is the one that has to be put on your bed. It can ideally replace a comforter in most cases because it’s usually about as thick. In most cases, they are attached with a zipper, but you can zip them apart to wash them separately. These are one of the most comforting bed accessories.

7. Comforter

Comforter BlanketThis is a standard type of blanket to be put on top of your bed. They’re usually filled with some type of natural or synthetic material to get the warmth.

You can also find more variety of blankets online from some of the popular online shopping stores. You will have a plethora of choices in terms of colors, size, patterns, different fabrics, and even designs.


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