How to Choose a Cocktail Dress

How to Choose a Cocktail Dress Online?

Cocktail dresses are a great way to dress up for a weekend night with friends or attend a wedding. If you ask us, having a collection of cocktail dresses is a must for every wardrobe. You can pair them with a jacket for a business casual look or add some chunky jewellery for that extra dose of glamour.

With evolving trends in every field of life, how people shop, has also changed. Gone are the days when people used to visit various shopping malls to pick a perfect dress for them. We all like to browse various options online and compare prices before purchasing any dress. Many people are skeptical about the sizes while ordering dresses online; however, the reputed brands have customer-friendly returns and exchange policies which gives you peace of mind in case there is an issue with the sizing and fitting.

However, you just cannot place an order right away. Always be mindful of various things before ordering a cocktail dress online. Let us give you a few pointers which will save you from disappointment and wasting your hard-earned money. You can easily find perfect cocktail dresses for yourself if you keep below key points in mind.

1. Budget

The first step towards buying a cocktail dress online is setting a budget. You will find various options ranging from $100s to $1000s so you need to define a limit for yourself. There is a wide range of variety in every store for every budget. You need to make an effort to find a dress within your price range. You will be able to find a perfect cocktail dress within your budget if you have enough time at hand to explore your options carefully. If you are in a rush you might miss out on some great deals which can save you lots of bucks.

2. Occasion

Before purchasing a cocktail dress, make sure to keep the occasion in mind. Whether you want a cocktail wedding dress, party wear or winter cocktail dress, there are multiple options available for you to pick. Spend some time in exploring your options and you will find everything from full sleeves, formal to midi length cocktail dresses. For a chic look, you can choose a mini cocktail dress with floral print in a fresh color such as turquoise and pair it with a white clutch, chunky earrings, and elegant heels. You can go for a black one-shoulder knee-length cocktail dress with your favorite stilettos to slay the look. Boat necks and V-necks are among the most popular choices when it comes to cocktail dresses. Sequined embroidery cocktail dresses in subtle colors like rose gold make an excellent choice for events like cocktail events, weddings, and parties. If you want a more formal look, you can pick full sleeves but at the same time sleeveless make you look sexy with a little exposure on your arms. A fur scarf can give you some bonus points if paired correctly.

3. Color

Having color in mind will narrow down your options and make your search easier. We recommend getting pastel colors if you have a day event. For an evening event, you can pick a brighter color to steal the show.

It is important to keep your skin tone in mind while picking a color for your cocktail dress. If you have a warm tone, bright colors will always make you look spectacular, while for fair and light-skinned tone ladies, pastel and light colors are the game-changer.

4. Take Your Measurements Correctly

Now that you have decided on a theme and color for yourself, it is important to take your measurements correctly before purchasing a cocktail dress. If you cannot take measurements correctly, take some help from your friend or sibling but make sure the measurements are correct. If you fail to take the right measurements, you will be disappointed when your order arrives. There is always room for error in the fitting so try to reduce it as much as possible by being diligent when it comes to taking your measurements.

Checking the size chart and doing the conversions carefully is as important as taking the measurements. Many people do not pay attention to the units in which measurements are mentioned and end up ordering the wrong size for themselves.

5. Return and Exchange Policies/ Terms and Conditions

If you have landed on a suitable option within your budget, it is important to check the return and exchange policy. Authentic websites will always give you an option of a full refund if there is a problem in size, item description or even if you just change your mind. It is a matter of carefully exploring your options before purchasing a dress online. Also, make sure to read the terms and agreements such as shipping cost, delivery time and other policies mentioned on the website to save you any problem later on.

6. Search for Deals

If you plan in advance, you will be able to find some extraordinary deals on cocktail dresses. Usually, there are sales on Black Friday, Labour Day, Christmas, New Year or even seasonal sales. If you are anticipating an event later on which you want to dress up in a cocktail dress, do not miss out on the discounts and deals.

7. Beat the Counterfeit

You will find many counterfeit products online which are of cheaper quality and will not last long. In order to beat the counterfeit, read the reviews on the website and ask for feedback on different forums. If you are doubtful about any brand because the dresses look too good to be true, trust your instincts and run away! Always buy from credible online stores so you do not waste your money on useless products.

8. Do not give out personal Information

We want to save you from the scams online so make sure you do not give out your bank account or sensitive information to the fake websites. Always trust authentic websites to order cocktail dresses.


With these tips and tricks, you will surely land on a perfect cocktail dress online for your next event. Start preparing ahead of time to avoid a last-minute wardrobe malfunction. Whenever you order a cocktail dress online, make sure you try it on the same day when you receive it so any alterations can be made timely or for a worst-case scenario it can be returned or exchanged. It will give you time to grab another dress timely before the event. Get your hands on exquisite accessories, put your make up on, get your hair done, and do not forget your heels and step out like a queen ready to shine.


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