Wig That Makes You Look Younger

How to Choose a Wig That Makes You Look Younger?

As you age, a lot about your style starts to change. Instead of the short skirts, you’d rock in your twenties and mid-thirties, you start going for longer, past knee-length skirts that exemplify your womanhood. The same happens to your hairstyle.

As age creeps in, faces tend to get droopier, rounder, thinner, and generally lose the youthful complexion that made us confident in almost any updo. The problem is, these changes bring forth uncertainty about the style direction your hair should take.

But are you really limited on options?

No, you’re not. As you’ll learn in this piece, even at a not-so-young age, you can still get a perfect wig. So perfect, that it will possibly shed off years off your look and make you look like your younger self.

Go For Straight and Shiny

Straight and Shiny WigWhen choosing a wig that will shed years off your look, avoid anything dry, wrinkled, or lanky. That’s what defines aged hair. Rather, go for straight and shiny hair – or as known in the hairstylist circles, the 2 S’s.

Straight and shiny hair, coupled with any straight hair updo, can shed decades off your look. You can couple this with some leave-in conditioner and shine spray to add some luster to your wig. With that, you would have nailed a younger look.

When wearing a straight and shiny hair wig, like these u-part wigs, your parting will depend on your face’s shape. For instance, women with oblong, heart, or oval faces look better with deep, side parts, while square or round-faced women look amazing with a center part.

Soft, Side Swept Bangs are great

Soft Side Swept Bangs are greatBangs are not restricted to the young and sassy. Older lasses can don them too for a younger look. However, you should try them with caution.

Baby bangs, pixie bangs, blunt bangs, asymmetrical bangs, or eye-grazing chopping bangs are not good for a lass over 40-years-old. They scream of a failed attempt at looking younger.

Rather, you should go for wigs that give you side-swept or parted bangs. Also known as the 3 S’s, soft, side-swept bangs easily make you look younger and fresh. They add a touch of softness to your face, bringing back that 30s and late twenties look you rocked back in the day.

Target a Bit of Volume

Target a Bit of VolumeLack of volume is one of the tell-tale signs of creeping age. That’s why you should select a wig with considerable volume. More volume (especially at the hair roots), creates the illusion of healthier and thicker hair.

There are two ways you can get more volume. One is by choosing a wig with a hair topper or higher density. This is the quickest and easiest solution.

On the other hand, if you opt for a wig with lesser volume, you can use volumizing conditioners and shampoos to add some volume to the wig’s hair. You can also blow-dry the human hair wig upside down for bouncier hair.

Try Bob Cuts for a Face Lift

Bob CutsBob cuts are great for a natural facelift thus younger looks using wigs. And there is a legitimate reason for this.

As you get older and your hair gets longer, your eyes tend to be drawn down the face. This makes you appear older. With a bob cut, your eyes get drawn up, giving you a younger look.

You can get bob cuts in two ways. Either, you can buy a bob wig that’s already pre-cut to your preferred size. On the flip side, you can buy a regular wig and have it cut by a wig stylist to your preferred bob length.

Collarbone Length Lobs Should Also Do the Trick

Collarbone Length Lobs Should Also Do the TrickShoulder length hair is deemed one of the most versatile hairstyles you can try. It can be worn at almost any age, without aging the wearer up.

So, if you want to age yourself down a little, collarbone length, layered lobs should do the trick. The tousled, slightly wavy hair perfectly adds a bit of sassiness to your looks and a youthful vibe. Just make sure the wig has longer layers that don’t go above the jawline.

Just like bob cuts, you can get a wig pre-styled with these layered, collarbone length lobs or get a wig stylist to style your preferred wig to this look.


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