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How to Choose an Indian Wedding Photographer?

Today you’re going to see 15 Actionable Tips on How to Choose an Indian Wedding Photographer?

And these tips actually work.

In fact:

These actionable tips help you to choose the best professional wedding photographers within your budget and desires in India.

So whether you’re new to choosing wedding photographers, You have a doubt about how to choose wedding photographers, and you get a lot of value from these actionable tips in this post.

Here are the 15 most actionable tips on how to choose wedding photographers:

  1. Decide on the right Photography style
  2. Browse your photographer’s portfolio
  3. See a Few Full Wedding Albums
  4. Consistency in the shoot
  5. Choose Busy Wedding Photographers
  6. Compare Packages
  7. Choose Right Budget
  8. Personality and Communication of Photographer
  9. Set up Interviews
  10. References
  11. Checkout Testimonials
  12. Hit up your social network for recommendations
  13. Make Sure Your Personalities Mesh
  14. Overworked Wedding Photographer
  15. Make sure you’ve both done your homework

1. Decide on the right Photography style

Decide on the right Photography styleYou probably already know that there are lots of styles in wedding photography.

But you don’t know the list of styles and how to use them.

Here I am going to show you what the styles are in wedding photography!

Wedding Photography styles are:

  • Documentary Photography
  •  Fine-art Photography
  •  Candid Photography
  • Contemporary Photography
  • Traditional Photography

Do your homework before choosing the wedding photographer, like the style of photography you like and spending time at your wedding or reception. Once you have found a handful of photographers whose style of photography matches yours.

If you are ok and satisfied with their style of photography then move on to the next step……..

2. Browse your photographer’s portfolio

Browse your photographers portfolioThis is an EASY way to get more information about your wedding photographers.

All you need to do is look at your photographer’s portfolios.

You won’t look for briefs of their portfolios, Just you look at what they captured before and also look at their different approaches and styles.

You have found your style-matched photographer here also. Then move on to the next step.

Before we move on to the next step “ask them to get along with a sample album of their hard work”

3. See a Few Full Wedding Albums

See a Few Full Wedding AlbumsWith that wedding photographer’s portfolios, you won’t make decisions quickly when you see your photographer’s highlights gallery or album.

Take some time to think and ask your wedding photographers to show you all your wedding albums. And you are seeing the best of the best.

The problem with that is:

You won’t get a well-rounded idea of their photography work. Ask them to show 3 or 4 galleries from real weddings they have shot (Not someone at their studio or company). Then only you get a better idea to choose your wedding photographer.

For Example:

If you are planning an indoor wedding with a dark light, don’t look at wedding shots outdoors in natural light. 

And if you are planning to say “I do” on a beach in the morning, you will want to see examples of that.

4. Consistency in the shoot

Consistency in the shootThis is one of the most ignored and undervalued aspects. It is quite natural and gets you wondering when looking at wedding pictures.


There is no consistency in the quality of the photographs throughout a wedding, The wedding day as well as pre-wedding events like cocktail parties and bachelors parties, the cause is you lost photographs quality.

You could see the same quality of photography for each and every event. Also, keep an eye on how their photographs turn out for the day and night events.

5. Choose Busy Wedding Photographers

Ways to Notice your wedding photographers are BUSY or not:

Choose Busy Wedding PhotographersEmail and mobile phones are the two most popular ways you start the interaction with a wedding photographer.

Just a couple of interactions and you should have questions like

“Is she/he too busy or inaccessible?”

“Do his emails/phone calls consider that she/he is in quickly?”

“Did you notice the periodic types in his/her email?”

All of these are signs of a busy wedding photographer.

Once you hire him/her, will he/she be able to give you quality time for preparations, and suggestions and understand your expectations? This might be a key area for some couples, in case not for all.

6. Compare What Include in Packages

It’s impossible to nail down an exact dollar amount until you’re sure of the items you want, how many albums you need, and also where your photographer is based, and packages range from $2,500 all the way to $15,000-plus on the higher end considering the scope.

When interviewing candidates, ask for a general range according to the photographer’s standard “shooting fee” as well as package, plus their standard rates for the kinds of albums you think you’ll want and the amount of coverage you’re hoping to reserve them for (the day from, full weekend).

It is important to find out what’s included in the quality package, plus the basic range for any extras you might want, like an engagement shoot, special effects, or additional coverage, so you can compare rates. In particular, get to know exactly how many hours of coverage are included. Ideally, you want your photographer to actually be there for your full wedding day—from when you begin getting ready until after you are your grand exit from the reception.

Also, check if there will be a second shooter covered in the contract and if there’s not, ask relating to the possibility. It’s likely the second shooter can be confirmed afterward, but the main benefit to obtaining two shooters is, of course, you will have twice coverage of your wedding.

For example, throughout your formal photo session, one photographer is able to capture the formal photos, as the second one may get behind-the-scenes, photojournalistic photos, like your guest’s mingling. In case you are having a larger wedding (250 guests or even more), you would probably even want to ask about having three shooters so that your photography team can be certain to capture the event from all angles.

7. Choose Right Budget

Choose Right BudgetThis is the trickiest aspect of any shopping we do.

What could be the right budget for wedding photography?

Is it not enough?

Am I spending a lot more and going overboard?

These unknown questions are bound to keep you confused and make your search for the right answer.

There’s a much-publicized option of keeping a certain percentage aside from the complete wedding budget. Always keep a range in your mind while deciding on the budget. Don’t blindly follow the advice of somebody who had a luxurious or just a few thousand $$$ dollars spending on wedding photography. The love and popularity of photography are key contributors to deciding on a budget. Think wise and see how much you see your wedding pictures as an investment.

8. Personality and Communication of Photographer

While talking as well as emailing shortlisted photographers you certainly will realize there is already an association with one (or few) of them.

Do you really like his/her style of communication? Are in fact he/she answering your queries as well as clearing your doubts effectively? Your selected wedding photographer will be able to communicate ideas and understand your preferences.

9. Set up Interviews

Set up InterviewsArrange in-person meetings with 3 to 5 potential photographers whose profiles are impressed with you and whether your personalities mesh. Be prepared to talk about your wedding style, venue, and what you envision for your photos.

Questions to ask wedding photographer at interview:

  • Are you available on my wedding day date as well as how much in advance should I pay you to book?
  • What type of deposit you may accept to protect the booking?
  • What type of packages do you offer?
  • What would you recommend based on my requirements?
  • Would you describe your photography style?
  • Have you shot in digital or film?
  • Just how many images will we receive?
  • Will you offer photo albums, and is this a further cost?
  • What type of equipment do you use? Do you have any backup plans?
  • What information do you want from us before the big day?

10. References

Selecting a wedding photographer referred by a friend could be a good idea. If he/she has already covered the wedding ceremony within the family/friend circle.

You’ll surely have clarity on all the above 9 points mentioned so far. You can simply shortlist him/her and judge with other shortlisted photographers.

11. Checkout Testimonials

They definitely have quite a lot of testimonials and great references whenever they have experienced them. Ask to speak with previous clients, make sure they are happy with how it all happened, and the way they fell with their services, and the moment their photos arrive.

Have a look at their Google reviews, social networking page reviews along with feedback on their site, and take a look at reviews on third-party websites.

12. Hit up your social websites for recommendations

Hit up your social websites for recommendationsAsk your recently married couple friends whose wedding photos you really liked and solicit recommendations from your own wedding planner or even the manager or wedding photographer of your respective site.

13. Make Sure Your Personalities Match

Don’t underestimate the value of liking and more than that bonding with your photographer. Happens to be the photographer excited by your vision whenever you describe it? When they offer suggestions, do they present them in a very special, clear, and respectful way, or could they be timid? Might there be mannerisms off-putting? In order to get the most photos, go with a pro who has a strong grasp of social graces but is bold enough to go out trying to find great images and who, above all, puts you comfortable and doesn’t irritate you in any way.

Remember: They will undoubtedly be shadowing your every move, and the more comfortable you and your partner are with the photographer, the best the photos will turn out.

14. Overworked Wedding Photographer

There are several wedding photographers who shoot a restricted number of weddings in one month or year. This serves to help them balance their personal as well as professional life but also justifies a complete lively effort on each wedding.

Think about a wedding photographer shooting your wedding who has remained sleeping only 2 to 3 hours for the last few days. We all are humans and the amount of a high dose of caffeine would help you every day to maintain you up and running. A tired and sleepless body can’t be recommended for creative work.

15. Make sure you’ve both done your homework

Start your search by seeing and reading reviews from recent newlyweds and browsing local listings, wisely review potential photographers’ websites as well as blogs to find out photos of other weddings they’ve shot, which should give you a good idea of their style.

How should they capture the moments important to you, just like a mother bustling her daughter’s gown or perhaps an emotional first look? The design and style of the website can also have clues about the photographer’s personality as well as sensibility.

Have a look at their Facebook, Instagram, as well as Twitter pages too, if at all possible. Is the feedback from clients positive? How can the photographer respond? How should they interact with their Instagram followers, will they seem friendly and personable? You get the idea.


Choosing the best wedding photographer is the biggest task,

But now!

These 15 actionable tips will help you in choosing a professional wedding photographer.

Why not help with anything I missed here, do you have something to add to your ideas?


If you want to share your ideas with me and other readers, Hit the comment button and suggest your valuable information.


Ravi Kumar is 5 years accomplished wedding photographer from He has shot a candid wedding and traditional weddings, destination weddings as well as intimate weddings across India as well as internationally. Being a destination Wedding Photographer in India, he has loved shooting destination weddings all over India.