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How to look stylish in traditional Indian wear?

Traditional Indian wear has great appeal worldwide. The demand for it continues to rise even as the Indian fashion industry grows globally. Because of the increased appeal, one needs to pay more attention to the combination of the pieces. Whether it is a lehenga choli combo, salwar kameez, kurta pajamas, or sherwanis, here is what you can do to look stylish.

Light Blue Floral Georgette Saree

How to Style Up Your Traditional Indian Wear

There are several things you should consider, and add-ons you can use to style up your traditional Indian wear. They include the following;

1. Be Selective

Lady wearing a designed Tafeta Silk Woven kurta top and a Golden Lehenga SkirtChoose your colors and fabrics carefully. Go for fabric colors that complement your skin appropriately. In addition, choose fabric materials you are comfortable in. Style is as much comfort as it is glam. It is also wise to choose fabric materials that are unique; as having a few unique dresses that make you stand out in the audience is always a good idea when you are styling up.

2. Explore trending outfits

Pink and Green Muslin Suit With Handloom DupattaThe trend is fickle and what once was in vogue, can quickly become outdated. Always remember to check out what kind of outfits are currently trending so that you can align appropriately. To be out of date is often to be out of style.

3. Shop to fit your body type

Slim lady wearing a Yellow & Red Anarkali SuitThere’s nothing stylish about wearing baggy clothes in 2021. No matter your body shape, you will find a traditional Indian attire that fits best with your body shape. To appear stylish, pick one of those and rock it effortlessly. For example, Anarkali suits are great for women with a straight figure while you should go for dark-colored traditional attire if you are busty and have a broad waistline.

4. Go for fusion wear

Peach Muslin Embroidered SuitFusion wear combines elements of traditional attires with elements of western dressing, creating an entirely different line of stylish clothes. You can don a cropped top or jacket on an ethnic skirt for example, and wear a palazzo instead of a churidar or a cigarette pant instead of the salwar. Whatever you decide, keep it tightly fused together and keep your game on.

5. Choose the right accessories

Accessorizing a Green Multicolor SareeWhat’s a traditional attire without the right set of accessories? Nothing much to write home about. If you want to improve your style, you need to choose the right accessories. The right piece of jewelry is enough to accentuate your look. To think that you can now pick from a wide variety including necklaces, earrings, nose rings, bracelets, maang tikka, or a fine combination of the different pieces.

Apart from using jewelry, the right bag and shoe are also important accessories. Carrying a clutch bag and wearing a matching shoe when wearing a kurta for example is such a classic combination. The hairdo is another important aspect of your outlook. For example, you can keep it open when wearing a saree or tied up in a bun if it is a lehenga.

Whatever you are wearing, make sure to choose the appropriate accessories and rock them.

6. Try a different bottom style

Purple Embroidered Palazzo SuitInstead of going with the usual jeans, consider replacing them with a dhoti pant, a cigarette pant, or a palazzo. You can choose from a wide range available at style mantra.

7. Rock your dupatta confidently

Black Velvet Anarkali & Grey DupattaDupattas have a magic of their own. No matter how you drape it, it can significantly touch up your look. Be it the embellished dupatta or the dyed one, donning one is a way to look all the more stylish.

8. Wear layered clothing

Orange Embroidered Tussar Silk SareeLayering up your clothes can make you appear stylish in one single move. You can do this by wearing a cape over your saree for example, or wearing a jacket or petticoat over a kurti.

Orange Embroidered Tussar Silk Saree

9. Smelling good is good business

Red Printed Georgette SareeNo matter how stylish you look, if you do not smell the part, people will not cast a second glance your way. When all has been dealt with about your attire, make sure you choose a perfume you like and spray it whenever you dress up.


Pink Heavily Embroidered Anarkali

No matter what kind of traditional Indian attire you decide to wear, multiple elements influence the final look. Of course, you cannot go wrong with this attire. Not one bit. However, if you want to appear even more stylish, you must pay attention to every element right from the fabric to the overall work that goes into dressing up. Time to go and be a party stunner and hold the attention of everyone that meets with you by your style.


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