How to Make A Man Want You

How to Make A Man Want You?

We often find ourselves stuck in romantic situations where one wrong turn could lead to a disaster. At least, that’s what we believe. It’s impossible to decide for ourselves because we’ve been programmed to be observant of other human beings and their issues. When it comes to solving our own problems, we go mute.

A lot of us have dealt with situations where we desperately want a particular person to be romantically involved with us. That particular someone may be the hottest guy in college, a close friend, or the boy every girl fantasizes about.

You see, the never-ending competition and one’s inability to make them fall head over heels in love may become problematic. There are women who judge their self-worth on the basis of how much attention their crush gives them. They try to be relevant to their crush’s likes and end up sending their self-respect down the drain.

Nonetheless, there are a handful of blogs that teach you the right way to approach men and relationships. and this article has been inspired by one such website: It’s written to address the little steps or efforts you can make to make your crush like you back.

How To Make A Man Want You?

1. Be Confident

Is it your school crush? Or is it your ex? Whosoever he is, the key to making anyone notice you lies in how confident you are. Confidence comes from within. When you’re comfortable in your skin and do not care what others think of you. That’s one of the most attractive attributes of any human.

People look up to self-reliant and positive individuals. Everyone wishes to be acquainted with someone who knows the importance of their individuality and respects themselves. Start off with loving yourself first and the world will follow. Click here to understand how important a person’s individuality is and how it boosts their self-esteem.

2. Be Presentable

Nobody likes a poor-dressed person. To make your crush or ex notice you, choose the right outfit. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to do overdo it. Just select simple yet elegant clothes and flaunt your charm.

You don’t need to buy fresh clothes or panic because you don’t have “elegant” clothes. Dress according to your comfort, just make sure that everything that you wear is neatly ironed and crisp. It puts on a good impression on the people around you.

3. Be You

There are plenty of online blogs that advise women to change themselves according to the likes of their crush. It’s directly or indirectly inspiring them to drown their individuality for the sake of their love.

Is that what true love stands for? If you have to use trickery, manipulation, and give in to be a totally different person, will that stand true to the essence of how pure love is?

Nobody likes it when people fake themselves just to please others. Instead, be you. Talk about your likes, own your insecurities, and always stand for what you think is right. Be the person you actually are in front of everyone. That radiance of your authentic self will attract your man like a magnet attracting metal.

4. Stop Chasing

Women need to understand that not every man will like them back. Putting in immense efforts and draining themselves in the process is just an unnecessary feat. As mentioned above, you cannot make someone like you back unless they voluntarily want to.

Nobody likes it when you keep incessantly approaching them even when they’ve refused your advances. Don’t be a doormat. Simply walk off if they do not reciprocate to your efforts.

You will find the person who deserves you, one day or the other. Don’t waste your precious time on those who are not for you.

What Should We Do Then?

What Should We Do Then

Practice this simple concept of self-love.

The current times have made us believe that not being in a relationship has to be the most devastating thing. But in reality, it’s not!

Handling your fears, understanding your moods, and getting hold of yourself as an individual is a beautiful feeling. Being a strong, confident, and content human would set you right till the end of time.

The right approach towards expecting anyone to genuinely as you should start from within. Only if you like yourself, any other person will be attracted to you. And even if they’re not, it’s okay. That does not define your existence or depreciate your value in this world.

The Final Word

Self-love helps you build charisma and confidence. It brings the best in you and stamps out the constant need for reciprocation and validation from others. You start to value yourself more and keep away from situations that dampen your self-respect.

It’s a slow process and it will probably take time to break down the walls of preconceived notions. However, baby steps will always make you one bit better than yesterday. Do not run for a package that’s not yours. The one you deserve will be delivered right at your address at the right time.


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