Indian Saree

Indian Saree is a Perfect Blend of Tradition and Fashion

Indian and Sarees are synonymous. From hundreds of years, saree has been the ethnic outfit for Indian women. It has seen many different phases of being simple and elegant to be gorgeous and sensual. Throughout the years, the fashion industry and creative designers have given a completely different look and feel to the sarees. In our times, there is nothing as feminine and grateful for a woman as draping a saree. The trends constantly keep changing and so does the saree; and as a result, we see numerous designs out there. Here are some of the amazing facts that will help you understand your saree more, and get few of these matching with the needs.

From where did these come?

It is said that the sarees came into existence from 3 piece attire called the poshak; namely, Antariya, Uttariya, and Stanapatta. These were the outfits that the ancestors used to wear and then the saree was introduced. Saree stems from ‘Sati, a Sanskrit word, and it means a strip of cloth. The simple strip of cloth from hundreds of years has now become the hot choice for many across the globe.

Honor your tradition in a stylish way

Saree is one of the oldest traditional dresses of India, and one of the best ways to honor the tradition is to practice it by wearing the saree perfect for the occasion. For an Indian woman, there are many occasions and festivals that require her to wear traditional clothes, and saree is one of the best in this regards. Saree gives an opportunity to be traditional, trendy, and modern at the same time. Now it is very easy to get stylish by buying a wide range of saree online.

Hot outfit in Bollywood

Bollywood has always made sure to only use the latest trends when it comes to the clothing. Saree has always been in the forefront and from simple to most trendy woman; there is always a saree out there. In fact, Bollywood actresses have time and again highlighted that saree is one of the most sensuous and stylish outfits for an Indian woman. From the red carpet to the simple mother roles in Bollywood, this outfit has always been there on the screen.

Sarees make you look elegant

Let’s not say that it makes you look this; sarees make you look elegant sounds better isn’t it. Saree is just a drape of 4.5 to 8 meters, and it enhances all the right areas on you. It is the technique of draping, and you are all set to get a lot of eyes rolling. Looking elegant these days has become a new fashion statement, and so you can look simple and yet attractive at the same time.

These are versatile choices

How can a single drape be versatile? Well, there are various ways to drape a saree and so you can easily try different styles and designer sarees depending upon the occasion you are attending. You will be surprised to find bridal sarees, party wear sarees, formal wear sarees, and many such variations that you can get in the market. Even with one single saree, it is possible to get many different looks depending upon how you drape it.

Wide range of materials to choose from

There are numerous materials to choose from in a saree, from georgette to cotton, and polyester to silk, you can choose according to your comfort. You can choose the material depending upon the weather conditions prevailing in your area. Saree is perfect in every fabric; just make sure to buy the one that you are most comfortable with. For example, a designer saree with lot of embellishments in a hot weather is not going to be practical, so choose your sarees accordingly.

Affordable and trendy

Sarees are available in a wide range of prices and you can get these from a few hundred to thousands. So depending on your budget and occasion, you can buy your sarees. There is no upper limit for the saree but you can surely buy affordable sarees for casual, regular and office wear. There are many online stores that will help you find some of the best deals. One of the best things about online shopping is that you can easily choose from a wide range of colors, designs, prices, and so on.

Never goes out of style

Saree has never stopped to surprise us with the designs and draping patterns. We have seen the transformation of this drape from several years from a simple covering cloth to the sensual outfit today. The fashion designers have always come up with something new and exciting with this piece of cloth. Regardless of the saree design you choose, you can be sure that these will never go out of style.

Comfortable wear for any occasion

If there is a party coming up, a traditional occasion, a festival, or just a casual outing, you can be sure that saree is perfect for all these occasions. There is a saree for every occasion; you just need to choose the one that is right. The Indian woman can be stylish, traditional, and elegant at the same time with the right saree on her.

There are thousands of other facts that make saree a perfect blend of tradition and fashion. However, if you want to experience the appeal of a perfect saree it is best to carefully go through the wide range of options out there. One practical advice would be to get to know your sarees better. So take out time and try to get more information about silk sarees, Bhagalpuri sarees, banarasi saree, casual wear sarees, party wear sarees, designer sarees, and so on. Getting a complete idea of what is available out there will help you decide and choose the saree that is perfect for the occasion. Just don’t forget to match it well with the appropriate jewelry and enjoy all the attention you get as soon as you step out.


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