Jewelry Buying Tips

Buying Tips – Jewelry That Suits You Best

From the ages, we have seen the love for jewelry by women. Every women love jewelry as no other thing, some even loves it more than her life. Yes, it may sound funny to some, but it’s true. It is said that if you want to make your women happy then gifting a fine jewelry is one of the best options.

Women can even expend a big amount of money on jewelry. I still memorize that my mom also used to hoard money for a couple of months and then would buy a piece of gold or diamond jewelry. And with the time, she managed to fill a medium size box with trinkets…

Every jewelry doesn’t go well with every outfit or face. You need to be attentive while picking up the charm for yourself. You must choose the one that suits you the best. Now you must be thinking how to choose the best one for you? Well, here are some tips that will definitely help you:

Jewelry Buying TipsJewelry guidelines for Women having Round Face:

  • Women with round face should not buy heavy jewelry.
  • If you are hunting for nose ring, then small one suits you best and if it is in diamond then it would be admirable.
  • Similarly, for earring, go for small stud earrings, as it will give you a classy and attractive look.
  • While selecting a piece of necklace for you, pick the v-shaped necklace. Yes, V-shape would confer your face oval look while round necklace would make your face look more round.
  • For fair complexion women, gold or diamond both will work well. And if your color is dark, then opt for real gold jewelry, as dark yellow color of artificial gold gives cheap look.

Jewelry guidelines for Women having Oval Face:
Oval face women are most blessed one, be it in jewelry, clothing or any fashion everything suits well on them.

  • A whole lot of options are available for oval face women.
  • They can go with almost every type jewelry weather big or small size, stud, hoop or dangler earrings, everything works well for them.
  • Be it modern jewelry, traditional or anything, women with round face just need to carry it well, as everything goes well with their face.

Jewelry guidelines for Women having dark complexions:

  • Dark complexion lady should be careful while selecting jewelry for her. I would strongly suggest them to go for wear jewelry unless and until it is something very special.
  • Nose pin or nose rings suits you the best. So go for it.
  • Your ultimate aim is to look best and attractive. Nose rings and earrings would definitely enhance your beauty, while in contrast; heavy jewelry would give you dull and old-fashioned look.
  • Go for fine jewelry or modern jewelry; avoid holding yourself with much gold jewelry.

Any attire won’t work until it’s accessorized with good frills. Now a days jewelry works well with almost every attire and gives you an elegant look. Just do ample search for the jewelry and know what works best for you. I hope these tips would help you in buying the perfect jewelry according to you face.


The writer of this blog, Akanksha Singh who have deep connection with fashion and jewelry, and she loves to write about the same. She suggests you an online jewelry store for buying latest and trendy fine jewelry, designer jewelry. Apart from jewelries, a whole lot of accessories are available at a reasonable price.