Is There A Best Time To Buy An Engagement Ring

Is There A Best Time To Buy An Engagement Ring?

There are so many variables in play regarding the price of jewelry that there are no definitive ‘best’ seasons to acquire a diamond engagement ring, as such. Jewelers may have special promotions when they wish to move certain pieces, but even these are not seasonal, although winter sales are common with online jewelers, this is across the board and not specifically reserved for diamond rings.

1. Making A Long-Term Commitment

When you purchase a diamond engagement ring for your partner, you are making a long-term commitment to be by each other’s side and make your union work for the rest of your lives. There may be days and nights the relationship may not be the fairy tale-loving union we’ve all dreamed of, but marrying your favorite person in the world is worth the fight and surely makes life a lot better. If you are sure she’s the one for you and you think she feels the same, then the time is right to begin looking at engagement rings.

2. Calculating Your Budget

While the old school will tell you the engagement ring should cost around 3 months’ salary, there are no hard and fast rules regarding cost. Many people are simply unaware that a custom-made ring is no more costly than an existing ring, plus you get to design the ring yourself. Most custom jewelers use digital 3D imaging programs that allow them to create a ring design on the screen, and with the client’s input, the perfect design can be agreed upon, and then the jeweler can quote for the project.

Your partner would certainly not be happy if you spent all of your savings on the ring, so do bear that in mind. If you don’t mind losing the element of surprise, you could discuss this together. There are informative blogs you can check out on the topic of engagement ring cost for more information on the matter.

3. Advanced Notice

There are three choices when looking to acquire a diamond engagement ring, the first is to have the ring handcrafted by a jeweller, the second is to buy a ring offered for sale, and the third is to choose an antique ring, which is a popular choice. Going down the route of creating a ring for her may be best, especially when considering getting the exact ring features you want for the budget you have prepared.

Going bespoke is the ultimate romantic gesture, creating a ring that is truly a one-off, and with unique handmade engagement rings in Sydney from an established custom jeweler, you have the perfect solution. If you are planning to design the engagement ring yourself though, you will need to allow at least one month, which will be enough time to design and create the ring. Some custom jewelers work faster than others, and it might depend on how many projects the jeweler is currently handling, but the earlier you inquire, the better.

4. Planning The Wedding

If you want a summer wedding, then you could always choose Christmas as the engagement date, which allows you time enough to make the many arrangements, or you might prefer an autumn wedding, in which case, the spring would be an ideal time to make the union semi-official. Of course, you need to be certain that your partner feels the same way, indeed, most couples openly discuss their future together, which means you can plan with confidence. Whatever you both choose, it will be an event that you both will remember forever, so go ahead and go for what could make you both happy.


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