Jewelry in Love

The Jewelry Advantage: 6 Reasons Why Jewelry Is the Ultimate Gift

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but no matter what the gemstone, every girl loves a piece of jewelry. Whether it’s made of fine gems or semi-precious stones, pure gold or vintage metals, when you give the gift of jewelry it’s a moment that will be represented forever. Wearing a piece of jewelry received as a gift is far more special than any piece a lady can buy for herself. The gift of jewelry might not be as budget-friendly as an evening out, or as handy as a household appliance, but the benefits of giving the gift of jewelry will last a long time. Here are some reasons why the gift of jewelry is the ultimate:

Jewelry in Love

Jewelry is worn all the time. An evening out is a beautiful memory, but do you think of that memory when walking the dog in the park, or running a quick errand to the dry cleaners? Wearing a special piece of jewelry on her ears, wrist or finger all the time will always remind her of that special someone who gave the gift of jewelry. Her friends will see it and ask about it, her coworkers will comment on it, and her memory will be refreshed every time about that special person in her life who thought you were worth a gorgeous necklace, bracelet, or ring.

Jewelry signifies a moment. There’s no words that will ever describe that look on her face when she opens the box and sees the perfect pair of earrings nestled inside on a piece of velvet, or the excitement when she sees you get down on your knee and proffer the engagement ring of her dreams. Every piece of jewelry isn’t just about the sum of the gems inside: It’s about the moment in which it’s given, and that should be one that she’ll remember forever.

Jewelry signifies

You can add a message. A piece of jewelry lives forever, and so does the message inscribed on it. Ask your jeweler to use an engraving tool to carve a special message on your gift of jewelry and she will remember the date forever. Add your initials to a ring, or the date of your proposal or marriage. The sentimental value added to the jewelry will last just as long as the piece itself.

Say it with a symbol. Charm bracelets have become increasingly popular lately, and with the brand Pandora taking off it’s no surprise. Each piece of jewelry is crafted with a different jewel, a different stone, a different shape and a different style – which can be made to represent a time in your life, a moment in your relationship, or a special item that both of you particularly love. If she loves cupcakes, buy a charm shaped like her favorite treat; or for a sports lover, a mini tennis racket.

Say it with a symbol

It doesn’t matter the cost or quality. It’s about the thought. Jewelry seems like an expensive gift, but the act of giving lasts forever. Handmade or vintage jewelry is always an option, and every piece can be customized to suit a taste or budget. Find a celebrity item and have it made with more budget-friendly metals, or replace diamonds with colorful semi-precious stones for a creative but still thoughtful gift. Jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, but every single piece is special and unique, and a gift to be treasured forever.

It can be customized. The world is filled with fashion designers who excel in making the perfect accessory, but there’s no one truer to design the perfect engagement or wedding ring than yourself for the one you love. Using an expert jeweler means you can create a piece that is fully customized to your heart’s desire. While buying a dress or an evening out off the shelf doesn’t leave much room for personalization, the gift of jewelry is one that leaves plenty of room for additions, tweaks, engravings, or even a special box: Everything that can make your gift-giving moment one that is truly special, and one that will last forever.


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