Jewelry Trends

Jewelry Trends – Then and Now!

Jewelry TrendsJewelry has evolved over the years. In the ancient times jewelry items were used as a form of money in many cultures. Depending on the when and where, jewelry items have been used for many various reasons, the most prominent among them being – the desire to adorn oneself. King, queens, dukes; royals have adorned themselves with different jewelry items across the globe. The more the jewelry items one possessed and owned the more rich and affluent he was considered. Even now we often consider a man’s position and status in society on the basis of his wealth. Some of the popular jewelry items over the years have been earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and so on.

Improvement In Jewelry Style:

There are still many areas in the world, were people are unaware of the advancement in the style, designs and patterns in jewelry items. But in the modern region’s jewelry items are often used to express one’s personal taste, preference as well as expression as part of their daily life.

In the beginning years, jewelry items were made of lead and copper and there were hardly any designs. With the passage of time, men discovered different metals and began to use gold and silver to create jewelry items. By now other metals have come into existence and we see the use of platinum, titanium, palladium and even tungsten carbide to create jewelry items. The jewelry designers nowadays use the latest techniques and state of the art tools to create different jewelry items so that one have access to different and varied collection of jewelry items.

One of the latest trends is to wear antique jewelry item that is several decades old. This lends an old world charm to ones appearance. Another latest trend is to customize and personalize the jewelry item. In the customization process one can select their preferred metal to be used in the manufacture of their jewelry item. In case of personalization one can add a personal touch by having the initials of their name engraved on the jewelry item. One can also get a personal note engraved. Here also one’s taste and preference varies.

Besides the different types of metals one will also find the use of different types of gemstones. Diamonds are still popular but one is also a fan of emerald, ruby, sapphires, onyx and so on. One will also find the use of different styles such as Kundan or enamel work in their jewelry item. Pearls are also another favorite jewelry stone. This was unthinkable in the early days, simply because men had not discovered them nor were they aware of the existence of thee items.

Extensive Use Of Jewelry:

Nowadays jewelry items are a part of one’s wardrobe. One mixes and matches different items like rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets as per their attire. One also wears jewelry items as per the occasion. Nowadays we notice a division in jewelry items as formal and informal. Some particular pieces are meant for informal occasion while others are for formal occasions.

When speaking about jewelry items we think about the female population only. But the world of jewelry is not restricted to their female patrons only. The male population also plays a significant role. Many men are seen wearing rings, earrings, bracelets and even necklaces as well.


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