Wedding Dilemmas

Long Tresses and Wedding Dilemmas: What’s a Girl to Do?

Wedding DilemmasFor many happily-engaged women, planning your wedding day look can be the most stressful part of the entire matrimonial process (aside from dealing with the budget!) A lot of women are naturally self-conscious about their appearance, but many brides feel extra pressure being in the spotlight. After-all, this event will probably be one of the most photographed and digitally recorded days of your life. We all stress about our weight and finding the perfect dress; the second thing we probably worry about the most is our hair. Another pattern of thinking that women are accustomed to asking themselves is: “what will go wrong?” Well, let’s find out what can go wrong and then determine how to fix it.

My Hair is Flat, Lifeless, and Has No Volume!

If you’re planning on wearing your hair down, having flat, lifeless hair can be an issue. You can add volume to your hair; however, by using hair extensions, you can find them in a similar color or tone and add them to your hair for your wedding day. Since it’s your big day, go ahead and enlist a hair stylist or experienced friend (who has practiced on your hair at least once) to add the extensions for you. Even if you hire a stylist, schedule consultations and a few trial runs to make sure your hair will look exactly the way you want it to. Also, schedule your appointments as far out from your wedding as possible so you can hire a different stylist if necessary. Now you’ll be able to relax knowing that your hair is in the hands of a professional.

I Want Long, Flowing Locks, but my Hair Just Won’t Grow!

If you have short, stubborn hair that you’ve tried to grow out for months or even years, hair extensions are also great options. Just like adding extensions for volume, extensions can provide length that blends with your hair color and looks completely natural- especially when they are installed by a professional hair stylist. Extensions can be curled just like your real hair to achieve the voluminous, flowing locks you’re hoping for.

If you’re worried about what your hair will look like on your wedding day- stop! As women, we’re prone to think of the million possible factors that can go wrong. Yes, it can rain and your hair can turn into a frizzy mess, but natural causes are unavoidable and not worth worrying about. Even if your hair is consistently and naturally long or voluminous, you still will have an occasional bad hair day. If that happens, hair extensions can easily be added as a last minute fix to save the day!


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