Wear Jewelry on a Cold Day

How to Wear Jewelry on a Cold Day!

There are many things to consider when planning an outfit let alone the perfect set of jewelry to complement your evening dress. One of these subtle factors that one should ponder is the day’s weather. Planning to go out on a cold winter day? Then sweaters and, a scarf and pair of jeans may just be the perfect concoction to keep you warm.

Wear Jewelry on a Cold Day

For the avid fashionista, a few pieces of jewelry can help brighten even the coldest day. But this might be a tall older since layer of clothing is not exactly a perfect canvas for showcasing your favorite jewelry pieces. When it comes to winter-like jewelry fashion placement is the order of the day. Knowing how much jewelry and where to ideally place them helps you maximize your jewel accessories effectiveness.

Wear More Gold

Just like a ray of sunlight bursting through a cloudy day, gold jewelry can brighten even the darkest outfit. Gold jewelry pieces provide a wonderful contrast to any outfit. And when you’re wearing less jewelry, then a nice piece of gold jewelry could provide much needed highlights. Gold earrings, bracelets and necklaces accentuate exposed skin areas.


Brooches are great since these are just some of the jewelry pieces that could be used above clothing. Gold or silver brooches could be used to hold in place scarves, a cold-day clothing must. Brooches are also very accessible and do not only come in the form of precious metals. These are available in many stores and come in a variety of designs. Brooches could be worn with your everyday outfit or an evening gown. And because most of them are relatively cheap, you could collect more brooches to match any outfit.

Gems and Precious Stones

Because of the limited real estate available for wearing jewel accessories, gems are perfect for maximizing the aesthetic appeal of jewelry items. Bright colored gems could be worn in to attract attention. These could be worn in a variety of combinations, multiple colored gems or a set of different gem stones. Brightly colored gem stones being a festive mood to another wise drably day.

Wearing necklaces with precious pieces like pendants help bring the shine of your jewel accessories better. Without the benefit of combining various jewelry items, then enhancing the effect of each piece of jewelry gives you the best effect.

Wear Less Jewelry

Jewels can brighten any dark day but if done excessively results to a poor fashion sense. For those who are not used to wearing simple or single jewelry then wearing monochromatic jewelry bracelets on top of the other could do the trick. It still allows jewel fashionistas to wear a good amount of their favorite jewelries without looking too heavy or out of touch.


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