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What Makes a Diamond a Girl’s Best Friend

For centuries as humans we have loved adorning ourselves with accessories, from tribal tattoos and body jewellery through to one of today’s more refined preferences of diamonds and jewels.  As we have moved through the ages we have witnessed fashions coming and going and through this ever-changing fashion scene we have amassed a wide variety of different styles and items of jewellery. Some of which have stood the test of time and are still a favourite today and some of which have been assigned to the bottom of our jewellery boxes and history forever.

However, from rubies to sapphires and garnets to topazes, it has been diamonds that have always stood out from the crowd and have never been classed as a fashion fad. Considering that most diamonds are at least 2 billion years old and have been sold and valued for thousands of years this puts our interest and love of diamonds back to our most oldest of ancestors.

But what is it that made our ancestors and us as modern individuals so attracted to diamonds?

It is of course a well-known fact that diamonds are the hardest stone of the gemstone family and will last a lifetime without damage. They are also known as the eternal stone, promoting eternal love and affection. Combine this with their amazing sparkle (which is referred to as their light performance), magnificent craftsmanship and stunning cuts they will always be first choice for anyone when it comes to a jewellery purchase.

Donya Diamond RingOf course diamonds have always represented beauty, wealth and longevity which is why they are represented through the gifts given in loving relationships, and are given frequently as the ultimate relationship gift, a diamond engagement ring.

A diamond engagement ring may also be the only diamond many girls will own, so it is understandable how diamonds have become such a special and most precious possession in our culture today. Overall they appear to have qualities other precious stones just don’t possess.

However, this overall exclusiveness and romanticism is only one reason why we are attracted to diamonds. You don’t need to be in a loving relationship to appreciate the beauty and class of diamonds. Over recent years they have made their way into mainstream jewellery making it easier to select an item of diamond jewellery, which isn’t a ring, there are many more pieces available today in modern and classic styles.

We all like to treat ourselves from time to time and many of us will choose diamonds, maybe a diamond bracelet, necklace or earrings because, let us not forget diamonds are special stones that when purchased will represent a unique and individual time in our lives and quite simply make us feel a million dollars when they are worn.

Movie stars, models, the rich and famous have all in the past added to our love of what the diamond represents, as whether it is fast cars, designer clothes or diamonds we all as humans like to dream of owning objects that portray our wealth and status in society. This is carrying on in today’s generations as the ‘bling’ culture promoted by rappers through to footballers continues to advocate diamonds as a must have accessory for anyone who wants to be anyone.

However, whatever and wherever your introduction to diamonds originated from everyone will agree that diamonds are beautiful and when we wear diamonds, we feel beautiful too.


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